Service-focused fleets use various systems to manage their appointments, routing and vehicles. Government fleets and public works departments have an added layer of the public wanting to know where their vehicles are and wanting to have issues resolved quickly. For both cases, a full-stack telematics solution provides data on vehicle health metrics, locations, driver messaging …

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One Way To Keep Your IoT Devices Healthy

  • August 30, 2017
  • Kristy C.

Last year, a Gartner study forecast that there would be 20 billion IoT devices in use by 2020. The report noted 1.2 billion would be for industrial uses. Enterprise infrastructures will need to integrate legacy systems with the new devices and possibly expand the capacity of their networks. The merged solution will require occasional maintenance …

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Your business is implementing various technologies to streamline your processes. The goal is to deliver goods and services more efficiently in order to remain competitive. However, your IT department is already stretched thin due to current projects, staff turnover or rapid company expansion. You know that upgrading or adding IoT devices will propel the business …

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The change of season from winter to spring brings a sense of renewal and growth as the temperature begins to climb. It also provides a chance for businesses to do some “spring cleaning” or a review of operations to find ways to streamline and improve operations. In addition to completing vehicle and equipment inspections, fleet …

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Industrial networks are the backbone of modern society. They provide us power and water, and are comprised of plants (generating, processing), substations, various conduits (lines, pipes) and more. Yet, how do industrial organizations monitor, manage and control these disparate parts to bring us, the citizen, reliable services? Most of these network components are monitored, and …

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Our cities and towns along with our vehicles are becoming more connected every day. There are beacons being added in retail locations and Wi-Fi enabled streetlights being installed. Personal cars can increasing do more things with their connection to the internet and themselves. It is no different for workforce vehicles. The vehicle area networks can …

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Keeping networks secure is a hot topic these days. It almost seems like a weekly news story – another organization has their network hacked. While no system is a 100% “hack-proof,” you can make your company and systems a harder target. If you utilize (licensed, UHF, or VHF) narrowband routers for communications, one way to …

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The world is embracing the Internet of Things in a big way. Telematics and remote control are everywhere. Distributed intelligence and decision-making at the edge are the watchwords of the day. To make a long story short: everything is connected. Now you know where your trucks are; you can monitor every pole-top and every unit …

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The 2G Sunset: A Good Thing?

  • November 11, 2015
  • Greg Hill

Most machine to machine (M2M) communication is still hosted on 2G cellular networks. As you might know, 2G networks are shutting down and carriers are re-using the radio spectrum for faster 4G networks. And this is a good thing for anyone who has an M2M or SCADA deployment. As regulatory and policy requirements change, the …

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It’s not just regulatory pressure like the Forbes, utilities are becoming more receptive to microgrids and distributed generation as additions to their business models, but they remain unable to abandon their substantial investments in monolithic legacy systems. The challenge is to move toward increased sustainability without reducing security or affordability. To this end, distributed and …

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