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Delivery Vans In A Row
Delivery Vans In A Row


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Sharpen Productivity

Realize true efficiency employing the intuitive fleet dashboard, tracking grid, alerts, analytics, and technology integration capabilities. Immediately know where you stand overall and by operations group in terms of asset types, status, utilization, distances traveled, and driver safety.

Optimize planning with traffic, weather, and custom mapping options. Make informed decisions with dozens of customizable reporting options addressing utilization, trip reports, geofence activity, exception events, KPIs, maintenance, diagnostics, data integrations, driver behavior, fuel usage, and more.

Be alerted to unplanned deviations, accidents, and other critical developments causing delays. Deftly respond by coaching driver behavior or reviewing relevant maintenance data, assessing remote diagnostics information, and quickly isolating the nearest resources for repairs or backup transportation.

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Trucking Agreement Trucking Agreement

Instill Safer Driving

  • Identify harsh driving behaviors and violations likely to trigger accidents with advanced AI technology.
  • Rapidly assess fleet and driver performance with the new Driver Scorecard, consolidating helpful information on violations, trends, and driver scoring.
  • Notify drivers of prohibited behaviors via in-cab alerts and reinforce training with dash-cam video. Bookmarked video documents nine seconds before until six seconds after predetermined events, giving you a clear view of what happened in the cab and in front of a vehicle.
  • Avoid costly hours-of-service fatigue issues and maintain full compliance with the CalAmp ELD solution.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Optimize fuel usage and efficiency at fleet, group, and individual resource levels. Customize reports with both summary and detailed viewing options for fuel purchases, usage, and idling.

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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Add Electric Vehicles to Your Fleet

Ease your transition to EV and hybrid vehicles with asset tracking, battery charge notifications, charger mapping, and more.

Streamline Compliance

Avoid regulatory headaches, wrangle insurance costs, and improve customer goodwill with a complete compliance solution:

  • Meet rigid driver vehicle inspection requirements with electronic DVIR reporting.
  • Eliminate late filings and reporting errors, while minimizing audit risk with electronic IFTA fuel tax reporting.
  • Avoid harmful hours-of-service (HOS) issues and maintain full compliance with a reliable ELD solution.
  • Boost CSA scores with a host of advanced driver safety training and monitoring capabilities
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