Bolster safety and avoid liability with Vision dash cam

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Safeguard Your Fleet with State-of-the-Art AI

Rein in distracted driving, speeding, tailgating, and other leading causes of accidents and fatalities.
Automatically Capture Video

Precisely document before and after footage of critical driving events.

Alert Drivers in Real-Time

Prompt drivers to immediately take corrective action with “spoken” alerts.

Promptly Review Footage

Quickly assess curated videos in CalAmp.

Proactively Coach Drivers

Sustain measurable results with intuitive alerts and reporting.

Avoid Liability

Download videos for crucial evidence against false claims.

The Right Tools For Exceptional Results The Right Tools For Exceptional Results

The Right Tools for Exceptional Results

Harness the full complement of intuitive capabilities in your CalAmp application:

  • In-app, SMS, and email alerts for immediate notification.
  • Curated videos for rapidly assessing critical events.
  • Advanced safety dashboard, powered by Sisense, for greater insight into fleet and driver performance.
  • Customized reporting and historical analysis to strengthen driver coaching.

Superior Camera Technology

Secure high-definition footage with this reliable, small footprint device:

  • Front and driver-facing cameras with optional driver privacy mode
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Wide 142° field of view
  • IR for low light visibility in-cab
  • 90° tiltable camera angle
  • IP41 rating for protection from condensation and tools greater than 1mm.
  • End-to-end installation in 20 minutes or less.
Gemini SE|Dual Cam V2 Gemini SE|Dual Cam V2

How Vision Can Impact Your Business:

Control Insurance Premiums
Reduce Maintenance Costs
Boost Revenue
Get More Efficient
Avoid Compliance Headaches
Tackle Fraudulent Claims
Insurance Claim Form Insurance Claim Form

Build a credible case for lower rates with empirical evidence of your commitment to safety.

Controlling Vehicle Before Transportation Service. Controlling Vehicle Before Transportation Service.

Sidestep expensive repairs by preventing avoidable accidents with more effective driver coaching.

Friendly Trucker Handshake And Cooperation In Front Of Semi Truck Friendly Trucker Handshake And Cooperation In Front Of Semi Truck

Delight customers and prospects with your sterling safety record.

Trucking Industry Trucking Industry

Curtail downtime with fewer injuries and vehicle repairs caused by driving incidents.

Truck Driver Man Truck Driver Man

Improve CSA scoring directly impacted by safety and maintenance.

Fraud Investigation, Detective Files Fraud Investigation, Detective Files

Head off costly settlements and litigation with ironclad video evidence, demonstrating context before, during, and after an incident.

Smart Dash Cam Technology
Revolutionize Fleet Safety and Systematically Avoid Liability
Vis1 Vis1

Commonly Asked Questions

CalAmp Vision is a potent driver safety solution, built on state-of-the-art AI technology. It’s the right tool to help bolster fleet safety, restrain insurance and maintenance costs, avoid down vehicles and injured drivers, delight customers and prospects, and sidestep compliance entanglements such as FMCSA interventions. Want to know more about how CalAmp Visifon can impact your business?

How is the camera powered?

What additional hardware is required, beyond the camera?

How are these events identified?

What is the duration of the video clips?

Can video clips be downloaded or exported?

What events trigger audible alerts?

How should I address driver resistance to a dash cam?

How long does installation take?

What driving events and behaviors does CalAmp Vision capture?

How do fleet managers and dispatchers receive alerts?

How long are video clips accessible?

How do drivers receive alerts?

Does CalAmp Vision have a “privacy mode” for drivers?

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