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Capture Critical Driving Event Video with Context

Automatically Record Video

Get the complete picture of driving event circumstances with forward-facing and driver-facing video and analytics.

Immediately Detect Critical Driving Events

Automatically identify rolling stops, speeding, tailgating, distracted drivers, pedestrians, and more.  

Capture All Events with Crucial Context

Precisely document nine seconds before until six seconds after relevant events.  

Promptly Review Video Evidence

Quickly assess standard video at trip conclusion. Obtain high resolution clips as needed.

Proactively Train and Coach Drivers

Coach drivers and reinforce training with video evidence. Prevent costly incidents, reduce liability, and improve efficiency.

Driving And Talking On Phone Was A Bad Idea Driving And Talking On Phone Was A Bad Idea

Instill Better Driver Safety

Proactively avoid distracted drivers and harsh driving events before they impact your business.

Tackle Fraudulent Claims

Head off costly settlements and litigation with ironclad video evidence, demonstrating context before, during, and after any incident.

Fraud Investigation, Detective Files Fraud Investigation, Detective Files
Friendly Trucker Handshake And Cooperation In Front Of Semi Truck Friendly Trucker Handshake And Cooperation In Front Of Semi Truck

Operate a World-Class Driver Safety Program

Combine in-cab audio alerts, CrashBoxx® accident detection & reconstruction, and innovative driver scorecards for an exceptional driver safety program. Protect your drivers and assets, reduce costs and liabilities, and ratchet up efficiency.

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Truck In Rain Truck In Rain

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