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Access Real-Time and Historical Telematics Data

Quickly connect your vehicles and assets to proprietary systems.


Ingest, Transform, and Enrich

Our platform automates the complex task of processing raw telematics data in the field into standard unified JSON format for actionable insights into location, driver safety, engine diagnostics, driver behavior, crash detection, and more.

Power Intelligence-Driven Decisions

With our open APIs, stream real-time telematics data to power solutions that enhance visibility, maintenance, safety, compliance, and efficiency. Plug into existing systems and applications from ERPs to Transportation Management Systems to get the data you need and start powering data intelligence-driven decision making.

Query Query

Query Historical Data

Whether you need short term backup, redundancy, or long-term disaster recovery, our flexible platform offers secure and configurable storage tiers to query directly from.

Designed with Developers and Enterprises in Mind

Expedite time-to-value with our intuitive Developer Portal. Access API documentation and test drive functionality with our API playground, compatible with most programming languages.

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Ready to connect your fleet?

Let us show you how simple it is to access your assets data.