Mechanic In Garage With Semi Truck
Mechanic In Garage With Semi Truck
Mechanic In Garage With Semi Truck


Automate Fleet Maintenance

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Avoid Unplanned Maintenance

Maximize uptime, lower costs, and drive operational efficiency


Increase in maintenance cost per mile since 2008.¹


Annual jump in maintenance labor costs.²


Average monthly revenue per service truck which can be put at risk with unscheduled downtime.³

Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics

Remote diagnostics offer crucial insights into the health of your vehicles, enabling fleets to proactively spot vehicle faults (DTC) and respond instantly before issues escalate. CalAmp's live GPS tracking allows dispatch to teams to respond instantly rapid dispatch to minimize vehicle downtime and maximize productivity.

Real Time Vehicle Diagnostics Real Time Vehicle Diagnostics
Optimize Preventative Maintenance Image Optimize Preventative Maintenance Image

Optimize Preventative Maintenance

Extend asset life with optimized service schedules based on vehicle conditions, saving time and money on unnecessary repairs. Stay on top of maintenance with automatic reminders and track upcoming and overdue service across the entire fleet. Access comprehensive maintenance records, including costs, service notes and types, for complete service history.

The Future of Fleet Maintenance

CalAmp Predictive Maintenance powered by Noregon leverages data-driven insights to help fleets predict faults before they escalate, preventing breakdowns, reducing maintenance costs, and maximizing vehicle uptime.
Maximize Uptime

Reduce breakdowns and unscheduled maintenance events through early fault detections and continuous real-time monitoring of vehicle conditions. Stay informed with customizable alerts that empower teams to proactively address issues before they escalate into downstream faults.

Get Cost Savings

Avoid costs associated with breakdowns, leading to unnecessary tows, transfers, technicians, and repair expenses. Get additional savings by resolving performance issues that impact fuel efficiency, emissions, and CSA scores.

Decrease Time in Shop

Pre-diagnosis with Predictive Maintenance to reduces shop time by 39%. Teams can proactively plan repairs by triaging faults, pulling parts, and ensuring bay availability before the vehicle arrives at the shop.

Apply Predictive Maintenance to your Operations

Health, Safety, & Performance Scores
Predictive Fault Technology
Actionable Insights
Fleet Sensor Data
Reports and Dashboards
Health Safety & Performance Scores Health Safety & Performance Scores

Predictive Health Scores provide an aggregate view of each vehicle’s condition by severity levels, so your teams can prioritize repairs for the most critical issues. Each score has an associated effect-on-vehicle description and action plan from ASE certified technicians.

Predictive Fault Technology Predictive Fault Technology

Predictive fault technology informs the user about the likelihood of a fault escalating into a more serious issue and potential downstream faults if left unaddressed. By leveraging data-driven insights, fleets can make informed decisions regarding whether a vehicle should be taken off the road immediately or if the issue can wait until the route is completed.

Actionable Insights Actionable Insights

Our predictive maintenance solution filters out complex vehicle data by identifying critical insights maintenance teams need to understand the issues. Manage faults with action plan based on input from ASE-Certified technicians, allowing teams to proactively plan repairs and optimize resource allocation from drivers to the shops.

Monitor Sensor Data From Every Component Monitor Sensor Data From Every Component

Get health insights into all makes, models, and components across class 4-8 vehicles. Continuously monitor sensor data from vehicle components like engine coolant levels, battery voltage readings, fuel and DEF tank levels, oil pressure, and more.

Robust Reporting And Dashboards Robust Reporting And Dashboards

Leverage comprehensive dashboards and intelligent reporting for the insights you need to make informed decisions about your fleet. Quickly identify vehicles needing attention, access key performance metrics, and review vehicle health and performance data to facilitate benchmarking.

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