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Manage Edge Devices at Scale

Scale device connectivity with our ready-made intuitive UX, or integrate these features into your own applications and systems.

Access Management Collage Access Management Collage

Access Management

Role-Based Access Control
Create user accounts and assign roles to control who in your organization can view, change, or execute certain management functions.

Built-in Hierarchy
Set up your hierarchical organizational structure to control data and permission settings for managed devices and users.

Provision & Organize
Organize and manage edge devices, peripherals, and sensors in flexible groups to quickly deploy changes.

Manage Every Stage of Development

Prototype, test and deploy software with over-the-air updates. Dynamically re-configure software on demand to add new features and improve performance as your needs change.

Manage Every Stage Of Development (for Words) Manage Every Stage Of Development (for Words)
Monitor Device Heath & Alerts Tablet Monitor Device Heath & Alerts Tablet

Monitor Device Health & Alerts

Reduce your troubleshooting time with remote diagnostics to quickly identify issues. Save time and monitor changes in your operations with real-time events alerts and notifications.

Ensure the Safety and Compliance of Your Data

CalAmp aligns its security program to industry best practices, utilizing security frameworks and robust security protocols. With built-in security, CalAmp ensures your network and organization is protected.

  • Complies with U.S. and GDPR regulations
  • In-transit data encryption with SB327
  • SOC 2 Type II certification
Security2 Security2

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