Long Haul Semi Truck On A Rural Western USA Interstate Highway
Long Haul Semi Truck On A Rural Western USA Interstate Highway
Long Haul Semi Truck On A Rural Western USA Interstate Highway


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Centralize Visibility Across Drivers, Trucks, and Trailers

Optimize pickup and delivery routes with real-time GPS tracking, weather and traffic overlays. Identify the best driver based on available hours and proximity of the next load to ensure smoother operations.

Courier And Truck Courier And Truck
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Prevent Roadside Violations

Prevent roadside violations with a fully integrated ELD solution by assured Techmatics. With the most driver-friendly and easy-to-use interface, keep your drivers safe and compliant with all Hours of Service regulations in U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

  • Maintain compliant Hours Of Service logs and help avoid violations
  • Allow drivers to complete paperless DVIRs
  • Detailed IFTA reports with automatic (ECM) fuel capture

Reward and Retain Your Best Drivers by Fostering a Culture of Safety

Identify and coach risky driving behavior to help prevent crashes, reduce driver turnover, and lower insurance costs. Bolster your business reputation by improving your safety track record to win more deals, book better loads, and generate more revenue.

  • Customizable scorecards based on harsh driving data
  • Take action with targeted driver coaching & engagement
  • Set up in-cab alerts to guide and coach your drivers on safer driver behaviors
Portrait Of A Truck Driver Inside The Truck At A Construction Site Portrait Of A Truck Driver Inside The Truck At A Construction Site
TrailerIntelligence Tablet TrailerIntelligence Tablet

Trailer Intelligence that Matters

Gain real-time monitoring of trailer health, capacity, and status to maximize trailer utilization and increase driver productivity.

  • Track detention billing time to ensure drivers get paid
  • Quickly reallocate idle or unproductive trailers to manage detention billing
  • Use cargo volume sensors to identify full or partial loads in real time
  • Get instant notifications with door sensors to prevent unauthorized access and theft

Get Ahead of Breakdowns with Predictive Maintenance

CalAmp Predictive Maintenance powered by Noregon help fleets predict faults before failure occurs to maximize uptime and reduce costs.

Expert Guidance for Informed Decisions
Gain actionable insights into how emerging faults affect vehicles. Users can effectively manage faults with action plans recommended by ASE certified technicians and make informed decisions on whether a vehicle should be taken off the road immediately or after the route is completed.

Prioritize Repairs with Predictive Health Scores
Continuously monitor sensor data on every component of your truck, like engine coolant levels, fuel and DEF tank levels, and more. Predictive Health Scores provide a snapshot of a truck’s overall condition based on severity levels to help teams prioritize the most critical repairs first.

Cost Savings with Predictive Insights
Avoid costs associated with breakdowns, leading to unnecessary tows, transfers, technicians, and repairs. Proactively identify trucks with performance issues that impact fuel efficiency, emissions, or CSA scores to get additional savings.

Get Ahead Of Breakdowns With Predictive Maintenance Get Ahead Of Breakdowns With Predictive Maintenance

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