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Maintain End-to-End
Fleet Visibility

Manage your entire fleet with greater precision via intuitive telematics, geofencing, alerts, and custom map layers. Access trip history and see accessory usage. Drill down to critical asset data such as trailer volume sensing, proximity, and environmental monitoring.

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African American Man Driving Truck African American Man Driving Truck

Bolster Driver and Vehicle Safety

Sidestep unnecessary risk, costs, downtime, and hits to customer goodwill by instilling better driving behavior.

  • Monitor and coach actions likely to trigger incidents.
  • Simplify and reinforce driver management with innovative scorecards.
  • Capture critical incident data and protect against false claims with Vision dash-cam video and CrashBoxx accident reconstruction. 
  • Monitor needed vehicle safety data.

Automate Preventative Maintenance Planning

Monitor the status of your entire fleet and schedule preventative maintenance based on actual vehicle usage rather than fixed intervals, saving thousands in unnecessary repairs over each asset’s lifespan. Get reminders when preventative maintenance is upcoming or overdue and track completed service across the entire fleet.

Automate Preventative Maintenance Planning Automate Preventative Maintenance Planning
Truck Driver Man Truck Driver Man

Streamline Compliance

Avoid compliance headaches and stay focused on delivering exceptional service, with:

  • A reliable, driver-friendly ELD solution
  • Fuel card integration
  • Electronic DVIR reporting
  • IFTA fuel tax reporting

Ratchet Up
Operational Efficiency

Employ a full complement of tools, dashboards, and reports proven to accelerate productivity, maximize asset utilization, prevent theft, and recover assets.

Trucking Industry Trucking Industry
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Reduce Costs with EV and Hybrid Support

Simplify your transition to the latest technology with complete EV and hybrid fleet telematics capabilities, including:

  • Asset tracking
  • Battery charge notifications
  • Charger mapping
  • And more

Fortify Your Team with the Right Tools to Perform

Fleet Managers
Project Managers
Maintenance Managers
Safety and Compliance Managers
Logistics Managers
Fleet Manager IOn Fleet Fleet Manager IOn Fleet

Monitor overall fleet performance and drill down for details when you need them.

Project Manager IOn Fleet Project Manager IOn Fleet

Ensure your vehicles and equipment arrive at the right place, on time.

Maintance Manager IOn Fleet Maintance Manager IOn Fleet

Automate preventative maintenance scheduling and get real-time alerts for maintenance issues.

Safety Manager IOn Fleet Safety Manager IOn Fleet

Capture critical driver behavior data (with optional video) and reinforce coaching with driver scorecards. Get real-time updates on vehicle safety triggers. Simplify adherence to mandatory compliance standards.

Logistics Manager IOn Fleet Logistics Manager IOn Fleet

Gain real-time visibility of high-value cargo progress and conditions.

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