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Driving the Transportation Industry Forward

CalAmp technology empowers transportation stakeholders — drivers, carriers, brokers and shippers — to improve fleet performance, maximize asset utilization and comply with regulations, and transform the way businesses operate.
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Beyond Visibility for Truck and Trailer

CalAmp’s truck and smart trailer technology is powered by our innovative cloud platform, allowing seamless integrations with 3rd party data sources, sensors and peripherals.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of all your connected assets
  • Real-time monitoring of trailer health, status, and performance
  • Maximize productivity and increase your bottom line
  • Customize and scale with our platform to any application or systems

Simplify Compliance with In-Cab ELD

Reduce costly fines and ensure driver and fleet safety are compliant with federal regulations. Our fully integrated ELD solution by assured Techmatics is driver-friendly, reliable and certified to comply with U.S, Canadian and Mexican mandate.

  • Hours of Service:  Keep your drivers safe while staying compliant with federal guidelines by tracking critical Hours of Service (HOS) data for each driver in your fleet.
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report:  Quickly perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections to ensure potential vehicle safety issues are identified, improve turnaround time on repairs and operate safer vehicles.
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting:  Simplify IFTA reporting by automating the collection of state mileage and fuel receipts. Ensure accuracy, avoid costly penalties and save time by submitting a single report.
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Improve Driver and Road Safety

With benchmarking tools, advanced driver scoring, performance reports, and in-depth analytics, CalAmp offers powerful tools and insights so you can protect your drivers and business in the moments that matter most. Prevent accidents before they occur, promote driver safety, and coach operators on better driving habits.

  • Customize safety scorecards and benchmark fleet performance
  • Identify safe driving metrics and coach drivers on speeding, harsh breaking, seat belt violations and more...
  • Improve safety and better driving habits with customizable in-cab alerts
  • Capture critical videos of important events to protect drivers, minimize risk and improve training

Maximize Uptime with Predictive Insights

Get ahead of costly breakdowns and unplanned maintenance visits with CalAmp Predictive Maintenance powered by Noregon. By utilizing advanced predictive algorithms to analyze maintenance wear patterns, our solution help fleets predict faults before they escalate. With actionable insights, empower team to respond proactively and address vehicle failures as soon as anomalies are detected.

Maximize Uptime With Predictive Fleet Insights Maximize Uptime With Predictive Fleet Insights
Hyundai Translead Hyundai Translead

Get Flexible Intelligence with HT LinkSense and CalAmp

CalAmp’s smart trailer technology unifies sensor data from edge-to-cloud, that opens more possibilities for more actionable insights to drive operational fleet efficiency and keep roads safer.

Monitor Wheel-End Temperatures with WETS

The Wheel-End Temperature System (WETS) detects the temperature of the wheels of the trailer and can notify the driver and fleet manager when temperature levels become unsafe.

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Asian A Truck Driver Holding Clipboard His Checking Safety Cargo Container Steel Door. Asian A Truck Driver Holding Clipboard His Checking Safety Cargo Container Steel Door.

Safeguard Your Cargo

Monitor and track when your trailer doors open and close in real-time when transporting valuable cargo.

  • Reduce cargo theft and loss
  • Improve detection of tampering
  • Provide instant notification of door open/close events
  • Prevent unauthorized usage outside of designated operating hours

Optimize Your Fleet's Capacity and Utilization

With cargo volume sensing, quickly identify your trailers’ cargo load and identify which trailers are carrying excess loads to avoid costly roadside delays and repairs.

Improve your business with comprehensive data on fuel consumption, detention time, dwelling, temperature patterns, trends by regions, and carriers.

Stack Of Package Boxes Load Inside Cargo Container At Doack Warehouse. Shipment Boxes. Freight Truck Transport. Shipping Warehouse Logistics Stack Of Package Boxes Load Inside Cargo Container At Doack Warehouse. Shipment Boxes. Freight Truck Transport. Shipping Warehouse Logistics

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