Construction Of A City Street, Laying Of Communications, Installation Of Sewer Hatches, Gutters, Curbs. Preparation For Paving, Aerial View.
Construction Of A City Street, Laying Of Communications, Installation Of Sewer Hatches, Gutters, Curbs. Preparation For Paving, Aerial View.
Construction Of A City Street, Laying Of Communications, Installation Of Sewer Hatches, Gutters, Curbs. Preparation For Paving, Aerial View.


Transform Your Construction Fleet Management with CalAmp Telematics

A Complete Array of Rugged IoT Solutions

At CalAmp, we understand that construction operations are a complex web of moving parts. Whether you're dealing with heavy machinery or human capital, data is critical. Our sophisticated fleet management technology gives you unparalleled insights into your fleet's performance and utilization efficiency.

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Connected Insights

Elevate Your Construction Operations with Connected Insights

Eliminate the chaos of using multiple systems to monitor your assets. Our unified cloud platform provides real-time insights into the performance of all your construction equipment, on-highway vehicles, and high-value assets. Enable end-to-end visibility that lets you respond and adapt to current and future situations.

Key Features:

  • Continuous GPS Tracking: never wonder where your assets are again.
  • Dynamic Dashboards: unlock actionable insights to optimize operations and cut costs.
  • Critical Alerts System: receive crucial, timely notifications where they matter most.
  • Open API Connectivity: integrate effortlessly with your existing enterprise systems.
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Intelligent Jobsite

Build a More Intelligent Jobsite

Take control of your project sites with CalAmp's innovative technology that gives you the full picture, helping you stay on time and below budget. Use real-time and past data to make accurate cost estimates and win more bids. Our easy-to-use dashboards and custom geofencing features make managing your site efficient and cost-effective.

  • Draw Custom Geofences or virtual boundaries around your jobsite to capture every detail of asset activity within project timeframe.
  • Craft Accurate Estimates from logged telematics data such as machine hours and fuel consumption to pinpoint operating and labor costs.
  • Optimize Costs with prebuilt and customizable reports & dashboards that spotlight key performance indicators for resource optimization.
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Minimize Equipment Downtime

Minimize Equipment Downtime

Keep your fleet running smoothly and preemptively tackle mechanical issues before they escalate into breakdowns and safety risks. With integration directly into engine control units, our advanced maintenance module utilizes intelligent diagnostics and real-time alerts that takes preventive maintenance and repair management to a new level, reducing your operational costs and extending the life of your equipment.

  • Automate Preventative Maintenance with customizable schedules by different makes & models, and triggered by elapsed time, engine usage, or mileage.
  • Receive Instant Alerts that notify the right maintenance teams when Fault Codes are detected, or remind fleet managers and drivers of upcoming service.
  • Remote Diagnostics allows for comprehensive vehicle health analysis from anywhere to help your team prepare necessary resources before heading into the shop.
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Worksite Productivity

Increase Worksite Productivity and Accountability

Boost your construction project's success and bottom line with real-time telematics data. Track equipment utilization across job sites to avoid the expensive pitfalls of underused or overused equipment. Our platform empowers you to optimize your fleet and make cost-effective ownership decisions.

  • Right-size your fleet based on equipment load and utilization to determine if you should lease or own each asset.
  • Avoid project delays by identifying over-usage leading to capacity bottlenecks and reduced asset life. Reallocate idle equipment to active sites for better ROI.
  • Enhance Equipment Security with features like geofencing alerts, off-hour usage, and real-time location tracking to deter theft and unauthorized use.
  • Monitor Carbon Footprint by tracking fuel consumption and emissions data, enabling both you and your clients to make more sustainable choices.
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For Rental Fleets

Maximize Rental Equipment ROI with Data-Driven Insights

Our technology can help unlock the full potential of your rental equipment business to improve operations, lower costs, and outpace competitors. Connect your assets with CalAmp to gain granular understanding of how your equipment is being used, so you can offer tailored services that lead to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Adopt Dynamic Pricing Strategies based on real-time utilization data, allowing for flexible pricing that optimize yield and customer value.
  • Streamline Inventory Management by using real-time data to know exactly what equipment is available, rented out, or in need of maintenance.
  • Analyze Customer Usage Patterns to understand how rented equipment are being utilized, identify potential equipment abuse, and enabling proactive interventions.
  • Optimize Transport Logistics by using location and usage data to plan more efficient routes for equipment delivery and returns.
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Rugged Connectivity

Connectivity That’s Reliable, Rugged, and Built to Last

Connectivity That’s Reliable, Rugged, and Built to Last

We know how brutal construction sites can be. That’s why we engineered our telematics hardware to withstand the harshest environments while providing uninterrupted data.

  • Military Standard certified for environmental, ESD, shock and vibration resistance
  • Powered and non-powered connectivity options for virtually any asset
  • Supports J1939 protocol for data integration with multiple ECUs and associated subsystems
  • Approved by leading industrial OEMs as their built-in telematics system
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