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Boost safety, get more efficient, and reduce costs with complete bus and white fleet transportation management.

K12 Application Desktop&Mobile K12 Application Desktop&Mobile
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Advanced Fleet Tracking

Employ Precision GPS Tracking

Ratchet up efficiency with reliable location and event tracking for your bus and white fleets. Make immediate decisions based on a consolidated view of:

  • Buses and white fleet vehicle locations
  • Dash cam clips
  • Drivers
  • Events (amber lights, stop-arm, entrance door)
  • Heading
  • Distance
  • Student Count
  • Vehicle and driver history

Utilize map layers (traffic, weather, satellite), geofences, and intuitive reporting to stay informed and manage with greater precision.

Icon for <span>Here Comes the Bus</span>
Here Comes the Bus

Keep Parents Informed

Boost safety and give parents and guardians peace of mind with the acclaimed, easy-to-use mobile app with over 1.7 million downloads. Provide a clear map of bus location and send helpful standard or custom notifications, such as:

  • Student boarded bus
  • Student exited bus
  • Bus is approaching
  • Bus arrived
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Routing Integration and Tools

Stay on Schedule, Day In and Day Out

Leverage your existing technology investment and ensure operational continuity with seamless integration of your routing platform. Keep your fleet on track with precise turn-by-turn navigation. And, maintain safe driving by locking tablet screens, using audio-only navigation while driving.

With insightful Comparative Analysis, know when actual routes deviate from plan, avoiding continued safety issues and calls from frustrated parents.

Minimize disruptions due to surprise bus and driver availability issues and ensure full route coverage with the new Dispatch Monitor. When route coverage hiccups occur, you no longer have to scramble to decipher multiple spreadsheets or systems. Instead, rely on an intelligent view of relevant status for drivers, vehicles, and routes. And with a few simple clicks:

• Identify at-risk routes
• Check in drivers not clocked in
• Assign substitute buses or drivers
• Verify buses have left the yard on-time

Icon for <span>Student Ridership</span>
Student Ridership

Ensure Students Are in the Right Place

Efficiently track students boarding and exiting buses using bar code or RFID tracking. Gain even more control with student lookup capability and notifications for “wrong stop” and “duplicate rider”.

Employ robust reporting to track individual ridership history, student counts, and status by routes. Simplify contact tracing by knowing who was on a specific bus and for how long.

Student K12 Student K12
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Icon for <span>Time and Attendance</span>
Time and Attendance

Efficiently Manage Time and Attendance

Streamline critical elements of workforce management with an end-to-end Time and Attendance solution, including:

• Time clock
• Clock-in controls and notifications
• Shift assignments
• Supervisor verification
• Time off requests
• Extensive reporting
• Payroll integration
• And more

Icon for <span>Maintenance and Compliance</span>
Maintenance and Compliance

Keep Your Fleet Moving

Help ensure optimal fleet performance and strict compliance with:

  • DVIR inspection functionality and reporting
  • Work orders
  • Covid sanitation templates and reports

Capture engine diagnostic codes to support preventative maintenance needs and inform repair efforts.

Maintenance Tablet OptionA Maintenance Tablet OptionA
Safety K12 Safety K12
Icon for <span>Driving Safety</span>
Driving Safety

Safeguard Students, Employees, and Critical Assets

Elevate driver coaching, boost safety, and avoid liability with state-of-the-art AI Vision dash cams.  Rein in distracted driving, speeding, tailgating, and other leading causes of accidents and fatalities.

Protect students with the driver emergency button on drivers’ tablets. Silently notify staff when absolutely needed with on-screen, email, or text notifications.

Further reinforce desired driving behaviors with automatic driver feedback and scoring following each run, based on:

  • Speeding
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh cornering
  • Idle time
  • Overall ride smoothness

Customer Spotlight

“Parent response to CalAmp and the Here Comes The Bus App has been overwhelmingly positive. We did a small soft roll out in the spring and within a matter of months there were close to 11,000-12,000 account holders that had already signed up.”

Bryan Synder
Director of Transportation, Cobb County

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