Truck Driver And His Mechanic Hand Shaking
Truck Driver And His Mechanic Hand Shaking
Truck Driver And His Mechanic Hand Shaking


Build an exceptional driving safety program

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Better Driver and Vehicle Safety is Imperative

Employ best practices and institute full compliance to avoid unnecessary costs, liability, downtime, and hits to customer goodwill.


Increase in number of large trucks involved in fatal crashes.¹


Average U.S. trucking industry lawsuit verdict increase.²

Consecutive quarters with substantial price increases for commercial auto insurance.³

Get the True Picture of Risky Behaviors

  • Detect harsh driving behaviors and violations likely to trigger incidents with advanced AI technology.
  • Rapidly quantify and assess fleet and driver performance with the new Driver Scorecard, presenting curated data on violations, trends, and driver scoring.
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Trucking Agreement Trucking Agreement

Reinforce Training with Innovative Tools

Use in-cab alerts to notify drivers of prohibited behaviors and bolster training with dash-cam video.

Obtain Critical Incident Data

Receive accident alerts without delay. Discover the full context and protect against false claims with video-based safety and accident reconstruction.

Curated video precisely documents nine seconds before until six seconds after an incident, giving you a clear view of what happened in the cab and in front of your vehicle.

Remove the guesswork in reconstructing the accident, capturing essential details including the force of the crash, direction of impact, and speed prior to impact. Then, successfully achieve a more timely disposition by automating incident reports, facilitating investigative services, and streamlining the claims process.

Rear Ended Rear Ended
Big Rig Semi Truck With Huge Wheels With Tires Big Rig Semi Truck With Huge Wheels With Tires

Monitor Needed Vehicle Safety Data

Get alerted to crucial vehicle safety issues with automated warnings for tire pressure and temperature, open trailer door, wheel-end temperature, and vehicle diagnostics. 

Ensure ELD Compliance

Avoid costly driver fatigue issues and maintain full compliance with the CalAmp end-to-end ELD solution.

  • Fully compliant with US, Mexican, and Canadian regulations
  • Sleek, 7” ruggedized tablet - drop resistant to four feet and IP54 rated for dust and water
  • Driver-friendly interface
  • Proactive alerts to avoid violations
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Electronic DVIR reports
  • Automated IFTA reports
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Smart Dash Cam Technology
Revolutionize Fleet Safety and Systematically Avoid Liability
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