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  • Harnessing the Full-Benefits of LTE

      With the rise of large-scale IoT deployments, the demand for low cost, low-power, wide-area network solutions is only growing. LTE CAT 1, now in its maturity, offers faster uplink and downlink than 3G and 2G technologies at a lower operating cost. LTE ranges from high-bandwidth applications such as real-time video to value-optimized performance with ...

  • LTE Connection: Why It’s The Backbone of Today’s M2M & IoT

    LTE brings all-IP wireless technology to the wireless data communication space with seamless transmission of messages and data. This 4th generation technology was designed for longevity and flexibility to adapt to different types of applications. It is even in its name ‘Long Term Evolution,’ and with a number of device categories for IoT, LTE offers ...

  • How to Use Location-Based Analytics for Decision Making

    Location data is an increasingly important part of business intelligence. Companies use trend analysis to determine where to open new franchise locations or factories based on local economies, demographics and other factors. Recently, maps with up-to-date geographic information system (GIS) data, coupled with real-time intelligent vehicle telematics, have enabled location-based analytics down to the extremely ...

  • Safer Roads and Mobility: Ensuring Driver Safety via Technology

    By: David Braunstein, Together for Safer Roads, President It’s no secret that our roads present many challenges to drivers, regardless of tenure, attitude or aptitude. Unlike many other workplaces, our roads are a dynamic environment where we cannot assume a “normal” workday. So as a matter of best practice, drivers and company leaders are encouraged ...

  • GDPR & CalAmp’s Commitment

    General Data Protection Regulation Introduction The European Union (“EU”) General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into force on May 25, 2018 and effected the most significant changes to EU data protection law in two decades.  The regulation harmonized and established a minimum standard of data protection across the EU.  The GDPR codified the rights of ...

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  • Visibility & Risk Management Solution

    A supply chain with embedded IoT technology provides an extra layer of security that lets you locate on demand and be alerted of deviations. With access to this critical in-transit data and insight, supply chain managers will save costs from streamlined processes and reduce the risk of potential theft.

  • Cold Chain Solution for Pharma

    Knowing location in transit is only the start of supply chain transparency. Shippers and carriers must maintain the proper environmental conditions during transport to ensure the life science cold chain shipments, such as medical samples and prescriptions, don’t get compromised en route.

  • Cold Chain Solution For Food

    Whether shipping one fresh ingredient meal kit, ten pallets of berries or a truckload of fresh vegetables, you need end-to-end visibility into your cargo status to monitor product quality and compliance. Knowing location in transit is only one part of supply chain transparency, shippers and carriers must also maintain the proper environmental conditions during transport ...

  • Mixed-Use Asset Management Solution

  • Why Your Fleet’s Fast Starts & Stops Matter

    The impact of driver behavior on your fleet vehicles and company brand.