CalAmp – Transforming the New Global Mobile Connected Economy

“Today we consider ourselves to be a pioneer in the global mobile connected economy. We provide visibility and traceability of mobile assets, their passengers and contents anywhere in the world at any moment in time.” CalAmp CEO Michael Burdiek

During my time so far as CEO, CalAmp has changed dramatically. We are going through another wave of transformation as we help lead innovation in the new global mobile connected economy. The emerging opportunities in connectivity, real-time analytics, and data in motion will disrupt existing automotive, transportation logistics and broader industrial IoT (IIoT) markets. This is a good thing. These changes will drive new demand for the visibility and traceability of mobile assets, passengers and cargo anytime, anywhere in the world.

With our recent LoJack Mexicana and Tracker acquisitions, we are putting a keystone on our global expansion. When I started as CEO in 2011, we were just over $100 million in total revenue. Last year we reached nearly that level of revenue from international markets alone. As we grow, we’re creating synergies between all of our global resources to serve  large enterprises looking to gain greater visibility into their high-value assets on a worldwide basis.

To address these global market opportunities, we are moving from being mainly an IoT device company to become a software-as-a-service provider focused on the mobile connected economy. We are very well positioned to address connected vehicle, transportation and logistics, and IIoT markets both internationally and domestically.

As the internet of mobile things grows to a $30 billion addressable market and beyond, CalAmp will leverage our pedigree and global footprint to target new and interesting growth verticals. For example, we provide a trailer tracking solution for one of Amazon’s partners, enabling real-time visibility into 100,000 trailers and their contents.

We will also continue to innovate in new markets with solutions like Here Comes The Bus, our real-time school bus tracking app that gives parents peace of mind by being able to track of their child’s school bus, receiving reports of arrival and drop off. We are honored that the app has been recognized as an Innovation Award winner from IHS Markit and has garnered over 1.5 million downloads and 4.6 stars on the Apple App Store.

As exciting as all of this is, transformation is hard but we will continue to strive to build a bridge between today and a future where we provide real-time visibility on the locations and conditions of passengers, vehicles and contents anywhere in the world. In the process, we’ll enable more efficient utilization of assets and natural resources, assure the safety of precious cargo, and improve road safety to help save lives. We believe markets and investors will continue to embrace the value we are delivering.

I had the opportunity to talk a bit about these exciting times at CalAmp on Nasdaq’s View From The Top and during a segment with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business.

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