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    Our expertise is rooted in our deep knowledge of the complexities of machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and the unique challenges and demands of a wide array of vertical markets. We help reinvent business and improve lives around the globe with technology that connects cargo, companies, cities and people. With our global network of LoJack licensees and a strong ecosystem of industry partnerships, we bring intelligence to the edge and drive business efficiencies. Industry leading technology, powerful data analytics and a world class ecosystem of telematics leaders are the heart of The New How. It’s about solutions that power autonomous IoT interaction, facilitate efficient decision making and optimize resource utilization.

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  • Asset Trackers

    Providing best-in-class real-time PEG intelligence and connectivity to assets while stationary or in motion. Utilizing the latest network technology for always on data connection, CalAmp’s asset trackers are designed for easy installation, durability and longevity to provide critical insight whenever and wherever your business operates both domestically and globally.

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  • Telematics and Tracking Devices

    Telematics and tracking devices utilizing the latest cellular technology to monitor and provide data on your cargo, vehicles and other assets in any environment. Easy installation, with solutions available for battery or external power, and short-term or multi-year deployments.

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    Our vision is The New How for the connected economy—kinetic knowledge for the next innovations.

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  • Don’t Use A Poor Quality IoT Device With Your Solution

    It is an entrepreneurial time with creators and developers building and designing for the on-demand and connected economies. You may even have a current solution that you want to enhance to remain competitive. There is no need to incorporate inferior devices or software into your ecosystem. Consider CalAmp’s Channel Partner and Solution Provider here program. ...

  • 3 Reasons Vehicle Finance Companies Trust CalAmp

    Risk is a fact of life. Whether you’re a vehicle finance lender, a credit union, or a buy-here-pay-here car dealer, you must face the possibility that a borrower will not keep up with payments. Credit checks are a good safety measure, but they don’t always predict customer behavior. With talk of a bubble in the ...

  • The New How for Public Safety Helps Eliminate Blind Spots

    Blind spots typically increase the risk of dangerous situations such as a blind curve, an unprotected quarterback or an unknown situation. We mitigate some of the unknown with mirrors, backup cameras or an offensive tackle for blindsides. When dealing with unfamiliar conditions, information is the key to reducing the chance of something going wrong. Telematics ...

  • Stolen Construction Equipment: 4 Stories from California

    Even with preventive measures in place, such as securing perimeters, lining equipment up, chaining equipment and video cameras, heavy construction equipment theft continues to happen. The lure of reselling an entire machine or the parts is strong. Coupled with that illegal demand, machines are being stolen to be used for actual jobs. Bids are so ...

  • Enterprise IoT Needs an Ecosystem to Thrive

    For any technology to be effective in this connected age, it cannot be an island. The most effective and popular solutions hinge on their ability to thrive as a part of an ecosystem. From cellular carriers to telematics suppliers, from resellers to customer software developers, industry must work together to eliminate dead ends that can ...