CalAmp is committed to improving the economic, social and environmental impact of our business operations.

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As a global leader building telematics solutions that empower businesses and industries to transform and thrive in the connected economy, CalAmp is continually committed to improving the economic, social and environmental impact of our business operations.

CEO Message

It goes without saying that the world has fundamentally changed in many ways. The impact of COVID-19 will reverberate for years to come, and many parts of the world are still struggling to contain the virus. Our hearts go out to them. We fervently hope that more access to vaccines can quickly turn the tide and we are committed to using our technology to help transportation and logistics companies expedite shipments safely.

Corporate Overview

CalAmp is a connected intelligence company that helps people and businesses work smarter. We partner with transportation and logistics, industrial equipment, government and automotive industries to deliver insights that enable businesses to make the right decisions. Our applications, platforms and smart devices allow them to track, monitor and recover their vital assets with real-time visibility that reduces costs, maximizes productivity and improves safety.

Governance & Leadership

CalAmp has earned Institutional Shareholder Services’ (ISS) highest Governance Quality Score™ of “1,”which recognizes excellence in managing governance risk. CalAmp’s commitment to social responsibility is reflected in our operations, our products and services and the actions of our people. We are dedicated to compliance with regulations worldwide that help protect the environment and human rights. Our Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System document may be viewed upon request.

Recent Highlights

We have incorporated social responsibility and environmental sustainability into our practices for many years. This report details our company’s priorities, processes and achievements related to these goals. CalAmp is committed to CSR as a fundamental element in the company’s ongoing success. We believe that corporate effectiveness and doing right by the world we inhabit are complementary factors. We also believe that our behavior and the decisions we make from a business standpoint and as individuals can greatly impact society for the better.

People and Community

CalAmp employees are integral to the success of the company and to achieving our CSR goals. With over 950 employees at locations around the world, and 150-200 new personnel hired each year, communication is essential, and we have instituted numerous avenues of two-way communication that helps ensure engagement and responsiveness.

Planet and Environment

Every action has an impact on the world around us, to some degree. CalAmp’s connected vehicle solutions not only reduce costs for fleet operators, but they also result in safer roads and less fuel consumption (which, by extension, results in fewer greenhouse gases being produced). Additionally, at every opportunity, we look for ways to reduce waste, both in our manufacturing partners’ processes and for customers. Not only does this result in greater cost-effectiveness but significantly less impact on the environment.

Metrics & Measurement

Every day, we strive to reach higher standards for corporate social responsibility. It’s essential, therefore, that we measure and compare where we have been and where we are today, to identify both our successes and challenges as we evolve and enhance our environmental and social programs.

Looking Ahead

Environmental and social responsibility is part of CalAmp’s DNA. The programs and protocols we follow today are intended to evolve and grow to better reflect our changing business objectives and our continuing role in society as developers of solutions that improve road and driver safety and efficiency as well as the changing needs of our employees, the communities we affect and the world as a whole.

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