Supply Chain Visibility & Compliance

Maintain Compliance and Brand Integrity
Eliminate tracking blind spots with real-time visibility into shipments to prevent loss and document regulatory compliance.

The benefits of this solution:

  • Optimize shipment processes
  • Secure high-value equipment and goods
  • Maintain compliance with regulations
  • Protect brand integrity
Providing support beyond hardware and software:

SC iOn Command

SC iOn™ Command is a web-based application and monitoring service for real-time visibility, actionable alerts and risk assessment monitoring customized for your business rules for a clear chain of custody and regulatory compliance.

Cold Chain

CalAmp’s solutions for cold chain compliance and integrity provide real-time information, monitoring and alerting of critical in-transit environmental conditions, such as variations in product temperature, humidity, light, shock and movement at the package and pallet-level.


CalAmp’s enterprise visibility solution helps secure goods in transit by eliminating tracking blind spots across transport providers and delivers real-time visibility into shipments to reduce at-rest time and optimize shipment processes.

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