How Much Do You Know About Truck Drivers?

  • September 11, 2017
  • Kristy Cartier
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes

The week of September 10-16, 2017 is designated by the American Trucking Association as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It is a time to recognize and thank the 5.9 million commercial drivers who keep the U.S. economy humming whether they are delivering consumer goods, livestock, construction equipment, industrial supplies or other essential loads. We recognize the hard work that you do.

Below are a few industry statistics that we have collected. How many do you know?


  • 5.9 million — number of commercial truck drivers: [Ref. 1]
    • 3.7 million operate interstate
    • 2.2 million operate intrastate
  • Top 5 states with the most truck drivers: [Ref. 2]
    • Texas
    • California
    • Pennsylvania
    • Florida
    • Ohio
  • 94% of drivers are men [Ref. 3]
  • 49 – Median age of over-the-road truck driver
  • 52 – Private fleet drivers’ median age


  • 350,000 — number of Owner-Operators [Ref. 4]
  • 524,058 interstate motor carriers and intrastate hazardous material motor carriers [Ref. 1]
    • 272,928 – for-hire carriers
    • 200,094 – private carriers
    • 46,529 – private and for-hire carriers
    • 4,507 – other carriers such as government
  • 90% of the industry are companies with ten trucks or less [Ref. 4]


  • 31.4 million registered trucks [Ref. 5]
  • 11.2 million are registered as large trucks [Ref. 1]
  • 269.2 billion vehicle miles traveled in 2016 by large trucks
  • 11.4 millions of tons of freight, in weight, shipped by truck

This is only a small fraction of information yet you can see the industry’s impact. And while some aspects of driving a commercial vehicle seems to be timeless such as the CB radio, over the road trucks continue to be updated as new technology comes to market. Trucks, like connected cars, are going through transformation with the influx of technology. The applications range from basic GPS devices to vehicle telematics to autonomous trucks. The result is improved safety and more efficient operations.

CalAmp supports this classic profession and says thank you to all the professional truck drivers. If you would like to learn more about our fleet management services, please visit


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