How To Have A Conversation With Your Data

  • August 29, 2016
  • Kristy Cartier
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This year, CTIA poses the question “What does everything wireless look like?” for its Super Mobility show. For us on the enterprise side, CalAmp seeks to collect and process the data from the ever growing number of devices being connected to the internet. While the company started out known for its satellite hardware (and still is known for its devices), we know that wireless is about more than a box™ transmitting signals.

Our CalAmp Telematics Cloud (CTC) is a polyglot* – the solution speaks the different languages of devices and business applications. The “conversation” translates into actionable information. We’ve integrated the CTC with our own solutions and offer the service to others. MapAnything, which is a Gold Salesforce ISV Partner, will be showcasing how you can use the platform. Its new add-on solution MapAnything Live provides Salesforce users with unprecedented business process automation using real-time automatic vehicle location (AVL) data provided by the CTC in combination with Salesforce records and business rules.

Want to learn how to use and integrate with the CalAmp Telematics Cloud? Meet with us and John Stewart, CEO of MapAnything, in person at the CTIA Super Mobility Show on September 7-9th in Las Vegas. We’re in the Connected Car / M2M section at booth <ahref=’’>5332 5332.

*In this instance, we are personifying the CTC, so polyglot means a person who is multilingual.

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