Building Robust, Secure Solutions: CalAmp Telematics Cloud

  • October 22, 2015
  • mhandoko
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When Thingtech, an innovative provider of cloud-based fleet and asset management software, was designing an all-in-one solution to track and optimize the performance of mission-critical mobile assets and workforces, it turned to CalAmp Telematics Cloud™. CalAmp’s powerful combined offering of hardware and software services was a key factor in their selection.

Thingtech’s challenge was to design and build a fleet telematics application with track and trace functionality that can integrate with other enterprise systems—and bring it to market quickly. Thingtech used the Telematics Cloud to build a robust software solution featuring Enterprise Asset Management, Schedule and Route Optimization and Mobile Tools to unlock the power of telematics and location intelligence for their customers. By abstracting complex device-to-cloud services and providing a comprehensive set of APIs to link the application with managed assets and seamlessly integrate with other services, the Telematics Cloud enabled Thingtech to bring their solution to market faster than expected.

This shift toward interoperability will be powered by a variety of hardware, from rack-mounted servers to ruggedized devices on pole tops and everywhere in between. Each device needs to provide secure mission-critical communication using standard protocols such as IP. Remote management and configuration are key.

Through their application built on the Telematics Cloud, Thingtech is able to improve their customers’ business performance by providing access to critical mobile asset data overlaid with GPS tracking information to optimize the performance of assets. The Thingtech solution increases customer profitability by enabling various sources of data, including work order tracking information and telematics, to be easily pulled into one intelligent system.

CalAmp Telematics Cloud is an extensive cloud-based service enablement platform with a broad set of device communications, network connectivity, data services, notification services and advanced APIs for commercial deployment and management of complex, scalable M2M/IoT solutions. The platform enables tight integrations with existing enterprise systems and value-added applications to transform data from remote and mobile assets into actionable business information.

For more information about the CalAmp Telematics Cloud, see the CalAmp Telematics Cloud datasheet.

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