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  • Giving Cars A Voice

    Carvoyant is breaking new ground by delivering a cost-effective platform for the automotive industry to harness real-time information about what’s going on under the hood of a car and leverage that information across an expanding landscape of innovative applications.

  • Who Are CalAmp’s Top Channel Salespeople For Q2FY18?

    CalAmp is pleased to now announce our FY18 Worldwide Channel Salesperson Incentive Program CalAmp highly values our Channel Sales Partners, and their sales teams, for their hard work in promoting and supporting CalAmp products and solutions. To encourage a strong network, our Channel Salesperson Incentive Program was implemented to recognize our top channel sales associates ...

  • AGM Creates Revolutionary New SCADA Communication Tool with CalAmp Solutions

    CalAmp’s customer and partner, AGM Communication & Control, provides smart solutions for Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) networks for Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Energy and Environmental real-time monitoring and control.

  • Improving On-Time Arrival Key to Keeping Customers Satisfied

    While over 40 Molly Maid franchisees currently use CalAmp’s solutions, this case study focuses on the results of Molly Maid of Central & NE Houston franchise.

  • Visibility / Theft

    Secure goods in transit, improve supply chain performance and meet regulatory compliance. Eliminates tracking blind spots across transport providers and delivers real-time visibility into shipments to reduce at-rest time and optimize shipment processes.

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  • CrashBoxx™ with Predictive Physical Damage

    Improve vehicle triage in the field by predicting auto physical damage at the moment of the crash enabling insurers to determine whether the car is repairable or a total loss. Expedites triage and desk-based adjusting with automated, real-time reporting on parts required for repairs.

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  • SC iOn Command

    You require real-time access to your supply chain to keep it resilient to the constant changes. Our smart devices and sensors transmit to a virtual command portal so you can monitor location, environmental conditions and more from anywhere on one dashboard. For additional support, we offer a 24/7 command center staffed with experienced personnel.

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  • Viper SC+ ETSI and ACMA Approved

    A robust communications link for VHF and UHF licensed networks features an internal web browser interface to set up and view device information, configure network parameters and deploy unit upgrades from any location.

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  • Device Enhancement Services

    Network infrastructure continues to advance with increasing demand placed on devices. Industrial IoT companies use the devices to maintain the health of their systems. It is critical for the appliances to monitor and relay back information. This isn’t your area of expertise so how do you keep your hardware updated and communicating with the rest of the system? Add CalAmp to your staff when you need to scale up or do a system-wide update. After all, we have been building hardware since 1981.

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  • Software Development

    You have a unique software requirement and are trying to balance the project triangle of fast, high quality and reasonable cost. Collaborate with CalAmp to define your project scope, evaluate your options and launch the process.

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