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  • Network Devices

    Wireless communication and control, device management and monitoring, and robust communication systems across a variety of environments for mission-critical communication between the field, operations and enterprise.

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  • Saint Charles County

    The Saint Charles County Emergency Communications Department was already using the CalAmp Vanguard™ 3000 to provide basic broadband and GPS to the fire department’s fleet of fire trucks, and to make sure that dispatch could always send the closest vehicle to every incident.

  • Electronic Logging Devices: The Next Generation of Recordkeeping

    Read our ebook on the transition from paper logs to digital ones including the types of solutions available and how to implement on with your team.

  • Vehicle Area Networks: Making the Environment Smart

    Learn about the benefits of implementing a vehicle area network (VAN). It is a mobile, broadband connected Wi-Fi network that lets personnel in the field use various handheld devices to securely exchange video, infrastructure information, GIS and other data with each other and with headquarters or dispatch.

  • Total Supply Chain Visibility: An IoT Approach

    End-to-end visibility into your supply chain is more important now than ever before to lower cost, improve speed and yield, prevent loss and achieve competitive levels of customer service. IoT solutions provide insight and analytical analysis of processes and deliver real-time information about in-transit shipments.

  • Leveraging Fleet Management Data to Drive Increased Value

    A fleet management solution can give you a wealth of information about your vehicle operations. But how do you stay focused on the data that means the most? Learn about the intelligence you can capture from your fleet and how knowing what to measure can help you realize greater value from your daily activity.

  • Easily Implement Your Own IoT Telematics Applications

    Metavine and CalAmp have partnered to provide a solution that helps businesses optimize standard project constraints and allow for rapid solution deployment. In effect, it helps develop the best solution, in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest cost. It’s now possible to develop solutions in days, not week or months.

  • Convergence: Enabling Intelligence at the Edge

    It is not the power of the individual technologies that make this shift possible, but the convergence of all three—a particular combination that enables true intelligence at the edge. This convergence is blurring the boundaries between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) disciplines.

  • Cold Chain Integrity: Visibility for Safety and Compliance

    Transport and storage of temperature and condition-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and food are complex, demanding and expensive. Learn how IoT sensors help reduce the risk of loss or damage to in-transit cargo.

  • CalAmp Telematics Cloud: An Enterprise M2M Application Enablement Platform

    In today’s complex, competitive landscape, it is no longer enough to have a basic M2M solution in place. Increased price and service delivery pressure, stringent security requirements and an ever-tightening marketplace necessitate the adoption of technologies that optimize operations with custom device and asset management applications.