FleetOutlook GPS system for fleet and equipment

Fleet Management

No fleet is alike. Find your solution with our award-winning telematics system that enables you to manage, optimize and protect your mixed fleets.


FleetOutlook is an innovative solution designed to help you leverage telematics to manage your fleet and protect your investment. Streamline the management of mixed fleets. Gain more efficient operations with a diverse range of easy-to-use and easy-to-monitor reporting, analysis and management features. Use telematics data to reduce idle time, to improve overall productivity and to minimize down time due to unscheduled maintenance.

What can FleetOutlook do for your business?

Fleet managers can select the FleetOutlook solution that is just right for their business.


  1. Optimize productivity
  2. Reduce fuel costs
  3. Improve customer service
  4. Real-time overview of machine usage
  5. Proactive vehicle and asset maintenance
  6. Improve driver communications
  7. View vehicles and assets one screen
  8. Monitor driver safety
  9. Robust data integration, reporting and analytics


CalAmp acquired Wireless Matrix and its award-winning GPS fleet tracking solution, FleetOutlook.

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Choose the FleetOutlook edition that’s right for your business, and join the thousands of satisfied users who are benefitting from increased productivity, decreased operational costs and improved customer satisfaction.


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