CalAmp Telematics Cloud

Connect remote devices, gain valuable asset insights and customize IoT telematics applications.

Solution Features

  • Comprehensive APIs

    Facilitate application development, deployment and management. Visit our Developer Portal to learn more.

  • Data Analytics

    Analyze data from primary and secondary applications.

  • Data Forwarding & Storage

    Secure access to remote and mobile asset data with a service oriented architecture (SOA) that integrates easily with customer’s backend processes and applications for advanced data processing and analytics.

  • Device Administration

    Simplify deployment, management and control of CalAmp’s broad range of IoT devices.

  • Device Management and Control

    Support the full life cycle of deployed devices.

  • Security

    With our SOC2 Type II attestation of CTC, CalAmp demonstrates above and beyond Cloud provided security measures, with additional CalAmp protective measures, protecting what’s most important to the customer, their data. As part of that attestation, we verify that CTC as a multi-tenant solution is the right one for our customers. Integrating with our applications and edge devices, customers have the added security that they have appropriate level of security to protect their data.

    We do this by practicing defense-in-depth methodologies both vertical and horizontally but let’s not forget, everything else in between. We make sure in our infrastructure by only having the right traffic go where it needs with the appropriate routing in place. Additionally, when the data ‘rests’ within our system, it is encrypted with AES 256 encryption protocols and it’s only resident for the purpose it serves.

    While CalAmp is working to protect its infrastructure, applications, devices, and data, we employ the work of 3rd party organizations to audit and test our environment on a continuous basis. We’ve instituted the mindset of attack simulation, meaning, we look at the ways of how a malicious actor might get in vs just simply working over a list of things from a vulnerability scan. This helps us stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

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