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As a global provider of telematics and software solutions, we take security issues very seriously and recognize the importance of privacy, security, and community outreach. As such, we are committed to addressing and reporting security issues through a coordinated and constructive approach designed to drive the greatest protection for technology users. Whether you’re a user of CalAmp solutions, a software developer, or simply a security enthusiast, you’re an important part of this process and we value your feedback.

Once we have received a report, we need to take a series of steps to address the issue.

  1. Please keep any communication regarding the report confidential until we can verify and confirm the bug.
  2. Once confirmed, we will address the bug report and release any update or patch to fix the bug. We may also provide information on recommended mitigations.
  3. We will announce the bug and any fixes and mitigations.
  4. We will reference to the person/people who reported the bug and/or assisted in any fix, unless you or the reporter would prefer to remain anonymous.
  5. We will endeavor to keep the reporter apprised of every step in this process.
  6. We will further meet or exceed any regulatory or compliance requirements.
  7. We greatly appreciate the efforts of researchers and discoverers who share information on suspected bugs and issues with us, helping us to improve products and services. Thank you for working with us.

To report a security vulnerability, please click the Report button below.

If you feel the need to, please use our PGP key to encrypt your message to us. 4AB1D491