CalAmp Telematics Cloud

CalAmp Telematics Cloud simplifies the commercial deployment of complex, scalable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions by facilitating the transformation of data from remote and mobile assets to actionable business information.


With a comprehensive suite of services that link vertical, back-end applications to remote assets, the CalAmp Telematics Cloud streamlines integration with existing enterprise applications and provides significant time-to-market advantages for customers deploying enterprise class IoT solutions.

The CalAmp Telematics Cloud platform is comprised of a comprehensive set of services that include device communications and data delivery, data storage, data analytics, device and wireless network management, subscription management, billing services, and much more. Tightly integrated with CalAmp’s broad portfolio of devices, the CalAmp Telematics Cloud has a rich set of APIs and RESTFUL web services that goes well beyond what is offered by typical standalone M2M platforms or traditional wireless carrier portals to provide unparalleled levels of vertical integration.

With a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the CalAmp Telematics Cloud abstracts device communications to a common set of API’s across a range of wireless network technologies, providing a common application interface for cellular, satellite or private radio wireless networks. By abstracting device communications and network management services, the CalAmp Telematics Cloud provides a consistent, stable application interface that enables adopters to innovate and expand their IoT solutions as technologies and business needs evolve without having to modify their applications

The CalAmp Telematics Cloud is designed for seamless integration with ecosystem partner platforms and services as well, making it highly flexible and ideal for an array of engagement models. In addition to its suite of web services, the CalAmp Telematics Cloud is tightly integrated with multiple tier-one Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNOs) platforms worldwide to facilitate provisioning and delivery of optimized, reliable wireless communications services for global IoT solutions.


The CalAmp Telematics Cloud enables enterprises to advance innovation and improve competitiveness by leveraging web services to deliver deeper insights into their remote assets while boosting productivity.


Speed time-to-market with a broad portfolio of integrated devices, mobile network operators, and an embedded framework to create a tailored solution.


Exploit CalAmp expertise and proven web-based platform representing the apex of technology and device communication, to reduce risk with independently audited infrastructure that securely protects information from end-to-end.


Reduce costs by leveraging CalAmp Telematics cloud-based offering, to deploy faster, and scale quickly, applying a SaaS model to minimize infrastructure, reduce support and eliminate capital costs.


Directly link intelligent devices with enterprise applications to enhance competitiveness while leveraging a stable application interface to reduce the need to modify applications as technology and business needs change.

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