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Top Ten Ways Fleet Intelligence Can Optimize Your School Bus Operations

While GPS tracking is the most well-known feature of a Fleet Intelligence system, CalAmp’s proprietary Synovia K12 fleet software delivers far more than real time location data. Fleet managers can efficiently monitor and manage maintenance responsibilities, payroll, fuel card usage, vehicle and equipment location history and more, delivering significant improvements in safety, savings and service. ...

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Total Supply Chain Visibility: An IoT Approach

To survive, companies must proactively adapt by embracing products and services that provide insight and analytical analysis of their processes, and deliver real-time information about in-transit shipments regardless of size or distance. With IoT and fleet tracking, it’s now possible to track Less-than-truckload (LTL) and last mile shipments in real time from before departure to ...

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Vehicle Area Networks: Making the Environment Smart

More than a simple data transmission tool, a VAN provides the framework for situational awareness and intelligence at the edge. As computational power becomes ubiquitous, VAN and other mobile networks bring the potential of distributed computing and autonomous decision-making and collaboration into public and commercial fleets.

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