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LTE Connection: Why It’s The Backbone of Today’s M2M & IoT

The notion that the fastest network gives you an edge over your adversaries still holds true to some extent today, but the line between the advantage of using a 4G LTE capable device and the race to launch the first 5G device is for some, not entirely clear or well defined. LTE, through several technology evolutions, continues to be the optimal choice for large-scale IoT deployments.

LTE brings all-IP wireless technology to the wireless data communication space with seamless transmission of messages and data. This 4th generation technology was designed for longevity and flexibility to adapt to different types of applications. It is even in its name ‘Long Term Evolution,’ and with a number of device categories for IoT, LTE offers faster uplink and downlink than 2G and 3G technologies at a lower operating cost. LTE ranges from highbandwidth applications such as real-time video, to value-optimized performance with cost versatility which makes it ideal for M2M communications, including low-power options for battery-operated devices. Tailored for longevity, LTE continues to offer better coverage for difficult areas within buildings and underground.

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