Total Supply Chain Visibility: An IoT Approach

End-to-end visibility into your supply chain is more important now than ever before, and goes beyond the methods that have been effective in the past. The changing economics of manufacturing, inventory and shipping require new technologies that close visibility gaps to lower cost, improve speed and yield, prevent loss and achieve competitive levels of customer service.

To survive, companies must proactively adapt by embracing products and services that provide insight and analytical analysis of their processes, and deliver real-time information about in-transit shipments regardless of size or distance.

With IoT and fleet tracking, it’s now possible to track Less-than-truckload (LTL) and last mile shipments in real time from before departure to the final delivery point, even when they are in the hands of a 3PL company.

For companies working hard to carve out a business in this challenging and specialized marketplace, choosing a reputable, robust and reliable solution is a must.