iOn™ Vision

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iOn Vision Service Elements

Edge Devices*

  • CAL_2021-03_LMU-5541-and-LMU-3240-Combo-Line-Drawing_02_1-scaled
    LMU 3240™ / LMU 5541™

    Next generation telematics devices for light-duty and enterprise fleets

  • iOn Vision Landing Page Assets_01_iOn Vision Camera
    Integrated Smart Cameras

    Wi-Fi connected road and detachable driver facing smart cameras with built-in vision triggers

iOn Vision Service

  • iOn Vision Landing Page Assets_01_CrashBoxx

    Multi-tiered vehicle risk management service that provides businesses with faster, deeper and more actionable insights into crash events in near real-time

  • CAL_2020-08_iOn-Tag-Service-Elements-Line-Drawings_01_API-Integration
    API Integration

    Documented and published RESTful APIs allow easy integration with 3rd party applications

* Devices sold separately from iOn Vision Service. * LMU-3240 is supported and available at launch. * Additional LMU devices will be added to the service in near future. * Check with your CalAmp sales rep for updates. 

CalAmp iOn Vision: How It Works

Our fleet video telematics solution w/ integrated smart cameras and Plug-and-Play installation.
  • HW-Icons-1
    Smart cameras turn on when engine is on

    The integrated smart cameras are ready to record and will continue to do so until the engine is off.

  • HW-Icons-2
    A harsh driving event occurs

    The AI engine begins to review the footage based on triggers such as hard braking, tailgating, speeding, stop sign violation, or accidents.

  • HW-Icons-3
    The event is classified

    The video clip of the event is classified and recorded within your admin portal.

  • HW-Icons-4
    You receive an alert within minutes

    A visual alert and video clip can be viewed in your admin portal, or you can download it for later viewing.

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