Commercial Fleets

Optimize Operations and Connect Workforces
Maximize productivity, improving driver safety and keeping fleets well-maintained with industry-leading fleet management solutions.

The benefits of this solution:

  • Optimize fleet and asset operations and manage vehicle maintenance
  • Connect mobile workforces
  • Improve communications and driver safety
  • Maintain compliance with government mandates
Providing support beyond hardware and software:


FleetOutlook is an innovative solution designed to help you leverage telematics to accomplish more work with your fleet with greater efficiency. FleetOutlook enables you to manage by exception and delivers actionable information.

ELD Mandate/iOn Hours

CalAmp’s ELD solutions include a three-part, self-install bundle that includes a removable Android tablet, market-unique cradle with embedded telematics capable device and LED malfunction indicator. The bundle can be integrated with CalAmp’s certified Hours of Services (HOS) app, iOn Hours, or third-party Hours of Service application providers

CalAmp Telematics Cloud

CalAmp Telematics Cloud streamlines integration with existing enterprise applications and provides significant time-to-market advantages for customers deploying new IoT solutions. Its rich set of APIs and RESTful web services deliver beyond what is offered by typical standalone M2M platforms or traditional wireless carrier portals to provide unparalleled levels of vertical integration.

Telematics Tracking and Devices

CalAmp’s extensive portfolio of telematics and tracking devices enable companies to collect and report real-time information about your mobile and fixed assets, offering intelligent communications and location technology.


The Programmable Event Generator (PEG) is an advanced on-board alert engine that monitors external conditions and supports customer-defined, exception-based rules. The Programmable, Update and Logistical System (PULS) is CalAmp’s over-the-air device management and maintenance software for monitoring device health and doing remote updates.

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