Smart Sensors & Devices


  • Deployment Options

    Deployment Options

    Reuse or deploy once with powered and unpowered telematics gateways options

  • Enterprise Grade

    Enterprise Grade

    Handle rugged conditions with enterprise-grade devices with IP-rated sensors

  • Industry Certified

    Industry Certified

    Certified by NIST for their traceable standard calibration



SC iOn Tag

The SC iOn Tag is a Bluetooth LE smart tag that communicates location and environmental condition values through the SC1004 family of tracking devices. The solution is an economical, multi-modal asset tracking product designed for global shipping and logistics.  These discreet smart tags are used to capture product and pallet conditions as well as notify of compliance breaches such as temperature or humidity deviations, damage in transit and delivery confirmations for quality or compliance.

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SC1004 Family

The SC1004 family is an ideal solution for global shipping and logistics, cold chains, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive shipments which need to maintain supply chain integrity, security, regulatory compliance (FSMA, FDA, C-TPAT), visibility and distributed asset management.

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The SC1102 is a single use covert tracking device optimized for cargo and package tracking. The device provides real-time supply chain visibility and compliance solutions. The SC1102 can provide location through cellular and Wi-Fi fixes while transmitting and logging temperature sensor values. . It is typically deployed when device retrieval is not required, difficult or not possible.

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