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CargoSense Testimonial

Rich Kilmer illustrates the importance of improved Supply Chain visibility and shares how CalAmp helped CargoSense launch their new product, Maven. Maven leverages CalAmp asset tracking devices to monitor location and temperature to provide an improved process for shipping highly precious cargo, your pets.

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CalAmp’s suite of advanced insurance telematics solutions greatly reduces the time and resources required for claims processing by fully automating all functions associated with material damage.

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CrashBoxx® Portal

CalAmp’s CrashBoxx Portal includes options to purchase dynamically generated reports encompassing details of the collision in near real-time. Key report options include severity, force of the crash, direction of impact, speed prior to impact and other event data.

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LenderOutlook – Lend with Confidence

Vehicle financing is a big investment that needs to be protected. With CalAmp's LenderOutlook, you'll get peace of mind, knowing where your assets are at a glance. The LenderOutlook portal provides users with a simple dashboard to gauge the status of their collateral with detailed information only a click or two away. Get address validation, multiple geozones, real-time alerts, manage exceptions and even know when a vehicle may have been in an accident.

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Ojo Electric Testimonial

Max Smith discusses how CalAmp helped Ojo Electric pivot into launching their own ride sharing service. CalAmp GPS devices and services provided what Ojo Electric needed to provide an optimal user experience.

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