CalAmp iOn™

Solution Features

  • Dashboards


    Quick, visual reference of key performance metrics generated by your equipment and vehicles.

  • Mapping


    Rapidly analyze vehicle data for efficient, critical decision-making.

    REAL-TIME TRACKING: Displays current location and status, along with address, sensor, AEMP feeds and other attribute information.

    MAP VIEWING FEATURES: Esri GIS-based mapping displays your fleet using your own GIS map layers referencing infrastructure, assets, routes, facilities and more.

    GEO-BORDERS: Fences can be created as polygons, as a configurable radius from a specific point, deviation from a line, or from existing boundaries, landmarks or zones from your GIS.


  • Reports


    Generate standard and custom reports in both tabular and graphical formats based on archived vehicle location and status data. Reports may be produced for selected assets, equipment and vehicles according to time, location and status criteria.

    BREADCRUMBS AND BREADCRUMB REPLAY: Provides a detailed trail that illustrates the path taken by a fleet asset. View a historical “replay” of an asset’s trip and its activity history at various speeds. Replay controls allow users to play, pause, rewind and fast forward to review movement.


  • Alerts


    Alerts keep you and your team informed about things you need to know immediately such as when equipment or vehicles are being moved from one location to another, an ignition turned on after hours, excessive hours of use, and required maintenance.

  • Geofences


    Real-time notification when your fleet enters or leaves work zones, off-limits areas and locations of other interest.

  • Esri ArcGIS Integration

    Esri ArcGIS Integration

    See where your vehicles are. Know where your leaky water main is. Forecast when a lineman arrives at exactly the right downed power pole before it’s on to the next.

    See, know, forecast and accomplish more across your operations with a platform that blends fleet tracking with discreet Esri ArcGIS insight.

    When seconds count. When accuracy is essential. And when data can improve operations and even save lives. From public works and safety, to codes and public transport—smarter cities run on iOn and Esri.

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