Solution Features

  • Mapping and Display

    Rapidly analyze vehicle data for efficient, critical decision-making.

    REAL-TIME VEHICLE TRACKING: Displays current location and fleet status of fleet vehicles, along with address, sensor and other attribute information..

    MAP VIEWING FEATURES: Esri GIS-based mapping displays your fleet using your own GIS map layers referencing infrastructure, assets, routes, facilities and more.

    GEO-BORDERS: Fences can be created as polygons, as a configurable radius from a specific point, deviation from a line, or from existing boundaries, landmarks or zones from your GIS.

  • Reporting


    Generate standard and custom reports in both tabular and graphical formats based on archived vehicle location and status data. Reports may be produced for selected vehicles according to time, location and status criteria.

    BREADCRUMBS AND BREADCRUMB REPLAY: Provides a detailed trail that illustrates the path taken by a vehicle. View a historical “replay” of a vehicle trip and its activity history at various speeds. Replay controls allow users to play, pause, rewind and fast forward to review a vehicle’s movement.

  • Administrative Portal

    Administrative Portal

    Perform a wide range of functions including set-up and ongoing administration. Adjust vehicles, devices, alerts, landmarks and more from a single integrated interface.

    REAL-TIME ALERTS: Configure the system to notify selected users when specific events occur with any vehicle. This includes virtual borders, speeding, hours of operation, excessive idling or panic buttons.

  • Third-Party System Integration

    Third-Party System Integration

    Unparalleled experience integrating with third-party applications. CalAmp has worked with dozens of third-party providers who provide scheduling, dispatch, work order management, maintenance and “home-grown” applications for various agencies. We have extensive experience interfacing with all types of third-party applications including work orders, maintenance, scheduling, dispatch, routing, GPS and third-party databases.

    Based on the Esri ArcGIS Server, the system is engineered to share data with third-party applications in a variety of ways.

  • In-Vehicle Peripherals

    In-Vehicle Peripherals

    Interface with a wide variety of in-vehicle peripherals, mobile data terminals and various sensor systems.

    • Sensors
    • Panic Button
    • Engine Diagnostics
    • Messaging Terminal
    • Driver Identification

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