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  • Who Are CalAmp’s Top Channel Salespeople For Q2FY18?

    CalAmp is pleased to now announce our FY18 Worldwide Channel Salesperson Incentive Program CalAmp highly values our Channel Sales Partners, and their sales teams, for their hard work in promoting and supporting CalAmp products and solutions. To encourage a strong network, our Channel Salesperson Incentive Program was implemented to recognize our top channel sales associates ...

  • CalAmp’s Real Time Communication Data Management Solution for Distributed Networks

    Learn more about how AGM developed a solution that enables industrial IoT companies to communicate with PLC’s from different vendors on their distributed network regardless of protocol type or spectrum used and without changes to existing software.

  • Improving On-Time Arrival Key to Keeping Customers Satisfied

    With the improved coordination and communication offered by CalAmp iOn, Molly Maid was able to deliver on-time arrivals and improved scheduling leading to higher customer satisfaction levels

  • Visibility / Theft

    Secure goods in transit, improve supply chain performance and meet regulatory compliance. Eliminates tracking blind spots across transport providers and delivers real-time visibility into shipments to reduce at-rest time and optimize shipment processes.

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  • CrashBoxx™

    CrashBoxx™ is a multi-tiered vehicle risk management service that provides businesses with faster, deeper and more actionable insights into crash events in near real-time

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  • Device Enhancement Services

    Network infrastructure continues to advance with increasing demand placed on devices. Industrial IoT companies use the devices to maintain the health of their systems. It is critical for the appliances to monitor and relay back information. This isn’t your area of expertise so how do you keep your hardware updated and communicating with the rest of the system? Add CalAmp to your staff when you need to scale up or do a system-wide update. After all, we have been building hardware since 1981.

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  • ELD Solutions

    A three-part, self-install solution for ELD compliance. This solution for light and heavy-duty vehicles includes a removable Android tablet and market-unique cradle with embedded telematics and LED malfunction indicator. A certified, easy-to-use hours of service (HOS) application can be included to document daily logs, exceptions and driver vehicle inspection reports.

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  • LoJack® Stolen Asset Recovery

    Protect your high-value assets and enable stolen construction equipment recovery with a small, ruggedized, self-powered unmarked transceiver. Installed by a certified LoJack technician, the device is randomly hidden, making it difficult for even a professional thief to discover and disarm. Pair LoJack® Stolen Asset Recovery System with CalAmp iOn™’s fleet management system to manage your fixed equipment and fleet while protecting your investments.

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  • LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

    Over 200,000 stolen vehicles equipped with a LoJack System have been recovered in the U.S. alone.

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  • LotSmart

    Improve your bottom line with LotSmart advanced inventory management and the new SureDrive sell-through vehicle connectivity package. Enterprise-grade GPS-based telematics capability helps you streamline operations and unlock hidden revenue opportunities.

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