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  • Upgrading Devices: The Smooth Transition for Continued Connectivity

    By sharing connectivity, The Saint Charles County Emergency Communications Department planned to provide other agencies with access to crucial data to improve public safety and incident management.

  • Vehicle Area Networks: Making the Environment Smart

    More than a simple data transmission tool, a VAN provides the framework for situational awareness and intelligence at the edge. As computational power becomes ubiquitous, VAN and other mobile networks bring the potential of distributed computing and autonomous decision-making and collaboration into public and commercial fleets.

  • Total Supply Chain Visibility: An IoT Approach

    To survive, companies must proactively adapt by embracing products and services that provide insight and analytical analysis of their processes, and deliver real-time information about in-transit shipments regardless of size or distance. With IoT and fleet tracking, it’s now possible to track Less-than-truckload (LTL) and last mile shipments in real time from before departure to ...

  • Leveraging Fleet Management Data to Drive Increased Value

    Often, companies will deploy a system and become inundated with data, without a clear idea of how to make the data actionable. Having too many data points can be as challenging to your operations as having too few. There’s always room to improve. Fleet management data gives you the flexibility to make targeted changes and ...

  • Convergence: Enabling Intelligence at the Edge

    CalAmp Telematics Cloud offers secure administration of remote devices from a centralized location and supports rapid deployment with minimal infrastructure, support and capital cost. This single web-based portal is accessible anytime, anywhere, and simplifies device configuration management. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing business applications.

  • Cold Chain Integrity: Visibility for Safety and Compliance

    A growing middle class in developing nations will continue to push for higher-quality food products at greater distances, with very stringent quality requirements. More and more specialization in the pharmaceutical industry is resulting in an increase in shipments of drugs and vaccines that are extremely sensitive to temperature, shock, light and other environmental factors. A ...

  • CalAmp Telematics Cloud: An Enterprise M2M Application Enablement Platform

    For enterprise, utility and industrial verticals, it is not a question of whether a new solution is needed; it is a matter of how quickly. Older technologies lag in responsiveness and security, and rely on control models that do not scale. A business that fails to move to new technologies that enable smarter solutions is ...

  • Automating FNOL and Claims for Property and Casualty Insurers

    CalAmp’s solution is engineered to meet the demands of insurers and fleet managers who want to automate accident reporting and access reliable, actionable intelligence in real time for claims operations. Shorter claims cycle times, automated FNOL, fraud reduction, predictive estimates for collision repair and bodily injury probability are just a few of the many areas ...

  • 4G: The Distributed Intelligence Revolution

    CalAmp Telematics Cloud (CTC) and Edge Devices provide services for data storage, transmission, and analytics along with remote device and network management. To build a solution that scales horizontally requires smart connected devices that distribute intelligence to the edge rather than relying on centralized operations management.

  • Governance

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