Input Monitoring: Your Key to Improving Fleet Operations

Input monitoring allows fleets to track, monitor and report on the use of external accessories powered by a vehicle. 

For commercial service, utility and government fleets, input monitoring can help boost operational efficiency and productivity by offering greater insight into how and when accessories are used. 

In this webinar, you’ll discover how input monitoring: 

  • Works, along with the most popular input monitoring use cases 
  • Streamlines job costing, billing and proof of service 
  • Improves dispatching, fuel management and maintenance scheduling 


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Our Customers Include

While the value of smaller equipment such as tools is oftentimes considerably lower — in many cases even negligible compared with large equipment such as machinery — the benefits of keeping track of smaller items can still be considerable. Rickard Andersson Principal Analyst, Berg Insight
We looked at a lot of solution providers for GPS. When we met with CalAmp, it was a really robust solution…CalAmp was great for a number of perspectives Max Smith CEO of OjO Electric
Tools by themselves might not be very expensive — say you have a ladder that might cost $500 — but the utilization of that ladder is where its real value comes in. Kinana Hussain Vice President, Product Line Management, CalAmp