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Oakland Fire Department

Discover how Oakland Fire and EMS enhanced situational awareness, from building plans to patient care information.

First Commuter Railroad in the US to Deploy PTC System with GPS

Uncover how Metrolink became the ­first commuter railroad in the US to fully deploy a positive train control system.

The Benefits of Collision Notifications for Vehicle Finance

Discover how one dealership assisted a customer after a crash which provided new opportunities.

Sanitary Provider Rebuilds Telemetry System Alerts to Prevent Sewer Backups

Read how a Kansas water utility enhanced its data communications and improved its monitoring, maintenance and management of seven treatment plants and more than 30 pumps.

First Smart Grid Network Built on VTEL’s LTE

Discover how a Vermont utility provider improved operations, decreased outage times and increased customer options.

Remotely Control Industrial Spray Pump Maximize Efficiency

Learn how one fluid-handling equipment and systems manufacturer monitors, measures and tracks the use and location of industrial sprayers.

Open-Pit Mining Operations Increases Productivity and Lowers Costs with CalAmp

Learn how ENRC increased throughput for railroad transportation by three percent and gained an annual cost savings of nearly $3 million with an integrated, intelligent control system.

Davenport Energy Reduces Excessive Idle Time by 80 Percent Using FleetOutlook®

Find out how a Virginia energy company reduced excessive idle time by 80 percent in less than three months.