Graco, Inc.

Remotely Control Industrial Spray Pump Maximize Efficiency

Graco Inc. supplies technology and expertise for the management of fluids and coating in both industrial and commercial applications. It designs, manufactures and markets systems and equipment to move, measure, control, dispense, and spray fluid materials. A recognized leader in its specialties, Minneapolis-based Graco serves customers around the world in the manufacturing, processing, construction, and maintenance industries. 2-Track is an industry leader in tracking people, assets and vehicles. Its time-tested software platform allows organizations and individuals to better manage and protect the assets they care about the most. The company’s product lines include executive, vehicle and asset tracking, as well as remote asset command and control. In 2013, the two companies developed Graco InSite™, to provide machine control and monitoring services to Graco’s industrial clients.

The Challenge

In the past, Graco industrial sprayer customers faced the prospect of not knowing where these mobile assets were and how they were being utilized. Post-job reports may provide a recap of the job activity, subject to the reporter’s recording and recollection of jobsite activities – jobsites which were often remote. For maximum utilization of assets and crews, to deter unauthorized use of equipment, to keep equipment in top condition, and to provide more accurate job estimates and billing statements, sprayer equipment operators needed to know in real time:

  • Where the equipment was and verify it was a the correct site
  • On/off/idling times to determine usage
  • Spray quantity, pressure and temperature to document proper application of foam material
  • When equipment and materials were actually being used
  • Overall equipment run-time to adhere to maintenance schedules
  • When the sprayers malfunctioned to ensure prompt corrective action.

With a real-time sprayer location, monitoring and measurement capability, customers could experience a variety of business benefits, ranging from improved customer service and better accounting of consumable materials to verification of service/materials delivery and more efficient use of fleets, crews and equipment.

The Solution

The Graco Insite remote reporting technology looked to CalAmp for their wireless communications devices. Together, the solution now monitors, measures and tracks the use and location of industrial sprayers. The system provides data tracking and collection for electric and hydraulic Reactors<sup>®</sup>, allowing users to track jobsite activity in real time from their smart phone, tablet or computer, and use the data as a powerful business tool for:

  • Fleet and crew management
  • Materials use and application
  • Cost containment and forecasting
  • Managing jobs and accounts
  • Job documentation/verification

The Graco InSite system consists of a CalAmp GPS-equipped LMU-2700 remote data recorder-communications device installed on mobile spraying equipment, cellular data communications service, a cloud-based platform for remote device management (activation, deactivation, over-the-air updates/configuration, etc.), an Application Program Interface (API) that integrates the sprayer management software with back-end business information systems (for billing, payroll, inventory, maintenance, etc.), and a web portal to allow end-user customers to track and view the location of equipment, set up and receive reports, manage user accounts, etc. With Graco InSite, contractors know where their crews and sprayer equipment are at all times, they track job site entry and departure, measure how much material is used, record spray temperature and pressure, and receive daily reports on all of the above.

Companies using the Graco InSite remote reporting technology can:

  • Improve crew efficiency and machine productivity
  • Document spray applications
  • Troubleshoot problems remotely
  • Schedule equipment maintenance
  • Improve billing, accounting and customer service