• Improving On-Time Arrival Key to Keeping Customers Satisfied

    With the improved coordination and communication offered by CalAmp iOn, Molly Maid was able to deliver on-time arrivals and improved scheduling leading to higher customer satisfaction levels
  • CalAmp’s Real Time Communication Data Management Solution for Distributed Networks

    Learn more about how AGM developed a solution that enables industrial IoT companies to communicate with PLC’s from different vendors on their distributed network regardless of protocol type or spectrum used and without changes to existing software.
  • Improved Visibility and Efficiency of Public Works Services

    Learn how one public works department improved operational efficiencies to provide better service to residents.

ArgoTrak Use of CalAmp iOn™ Tag for a Restoration Services Company

  • June 03, 2021
  • Kim Haneke
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes

The owner of a small restoration services company had a problem – his technicians kept leaving their service flashlights behind at job sites. These aren’t just any cheap flashlights, they are professional grade high output flashlights used by fire departments, costing about $200 apiece.

With GPS Fleet Tracking, Snowplows Beat EMS to the Scene

  • December 11, 2020
  • Bryan Mitchell
  • Reading Time: 4 minutes
truck plowing snow from roads

When a snowstorm and a health emergency collide, a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Synovia’s GPS fleet tracking solution helps South Windsor clear the roads for emergency services, optimize day-to-day operations and provide citizens with the excellent service they expect.