Building A More Intelligent Job Site

  • September 17, 2020
  • Kim Haneke
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Published in the September-October issue of Pro Contractor Rentals

Rental companies can benefit from real-time end to-end visibility, allowing them to respond and adapt to current and future situations. Telematics unlocks the power of your heavy construction fleet through instant data on location, utilization and condition status. Users gain access to actual usage data by job site for better job costing and project bids. For example, the CalAmp iOn telematics system powers intelligent decisions about operations by connecting the office to the job site. It helps keep performance at its peak under all conditions.

Equipment visibility

Save time by locating assets and their current condition quickly regardless if the fleet is out in the field on large or multiple job sites or if it is sitting on the lot. It’s possible to use telematics and connected iOn Tags to save time and money by using it to make daily equipment checks automatic instead of a manual process where equipment is often missed, and condition status was estimated.

The Geofences & Maps function of the CalAmp iOn system displays a map of the current locations of equipment assets and allows users to view status, problems and opportunities. It allows users to define locations for alerts and reports on equipment as it is moved around the lot or on the job site.

The Reporting & Historical Data Monitor has the capability to capture fleet activity, events and locations visited, and can replay a visual illustration on the map where a vehicle has been. It allows users to make informed project bids using Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) and actual job site performance data.

Real-Time Alert notifications help users quickly learn about events and exceptions such as ignition on/off or upcoming maintenance in real time. This as-it-happens information lets users react to a situation as needed. Companies find these alerts useful when assets enter or leave a work zone so they can monitor arrivals, departures and unauthorized use.

The Work Toward Peak Performance functions allow users to use data to better manage resources.

The Balance Your Fleet Review reports ensure monitored assets are being used where and when they are needed most and can help uncover equipment that is being over- or under-utilized.

Account for equipment

Save time and money by knowing the location, availability and accessibility of equipment inventory. One large rental company prepared the thousands of generators in its fleet before hurricane season by testing weekly and reviewing the report. They were able to identify potential issues before losing a rental opportunity.

Make operational decisions

Use the information to identify productivity patterns and improvement areas. Integrating telematics data with accounting or project management software can provide a view of estimated costs vs. actual and identify variances.

Anticipate maintenance needs

Schedule repairs and upkeep based on actual usage, not guesstimates. Anticipating maintenance helps facilitate project planning, reduces breakdowns and minimizes cost.

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