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The Changing Subprime Auto Finance Landscape

  • February 26, 2019
  • Bill Caan
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes

A number of seemingly unrelated factors are bringing big changes to auto finance, especially in the subprime market: higher balances, longer terms, more delinquencies and a changing regulatory landscape will heat up competition and increase pressure on auto dealers and lenders alike in the coming years. Independent dealers especially will need to look at innovative …

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Solutions Built With Your Tough Environments In Mind

  • February 20, 2019
  • Kinana Hussain
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
CalAmp Ruggedized Solutions

Construction is a tough business on the best days. Factors such as rain or snow make it even tougher at times. Yet you cannot just stop your project when the weather gets challenging. You need a telematics solution as tough as you are to monitor equipment location and utilization as well as communicate this information …

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Disruptive Innovation: New Ways to Connect

  • February 14, 2019
  • Nadine Traboulsi
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
Disruptive Innovation

We are looking forward to Mobile World Congress (MWC19) in Barcelona this year because we are bringing some new innovations and new ways of thinking. It’s about intelligent connectivity, not just linking things together and producing data without context. These disruptions are solving real-world issues. It’s about the continuous transformation of the global connected economy. …

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Improving the Visibility of Pets in Flight

  • February 04, 2019
  • Jeffrey Newman
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
CalAmp-CargoSense Protect Pets Who Fly

The way that airlines transport live animals has not changed much since the early days of commercial air travel in the first half of the 20th century. However, the number of animals transported has grown tremendously. The Department of Transportation notes, “Over two million pets and other live animals are transported by air every year …

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Three Big Areas That Show Why Road Safety in 2019 is a Shared Responsibility

  • January 30, 2019
  • Michael Burdiek
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
Michael B-Blog

Recently, I had the honor of joining the governing board of Together for Safer Roads (TSR), a coalition of companies across various industries collaborating to improve road safety. As a company, CalAmp has been a TSR member since 2017. I think both my personal and the organizational commitment come from the same place: an appreciation …

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Announcing: Q3FY19 Winners of Our Top Channel Salesperson Program

  • January 25, 2019
  • Kevin Blakeborough
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes

CalAmp is once again, thrilled to announce the winners of our Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2019 (Q3FY19) Channel Salesperson Incentive Program. In recognition of their contribution towards CalAmp’s success, we would like to congratulate and give a special shout out to our winners: W/W @ DCS – Chris Bursey and Team N. America – Andy …

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Our Popular Battery Powered Asset Tracker Now With LTE

  • January 24, 2019
  • Gregory J. Hill
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are a wide-range of asset trackers in the market. The broad selection can be overwhelming and make it difficult to select the right one for your operations. However, for businesses looking for a straightforward way to gain visibility into their asset location, our newest TTU-730™ device delivers just that. The refreshed TTU-730 supports standard …

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A Look Back at CES 2019

  • January 18, 2019
  • Nadine Traboulsi
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
A Look Back At CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show recently wrapped up in Las Vegas, but the buzz around the innovations and the new level of connectivity in our lives continues. While 5G was certainly top of mind, the conference was really about making it easier for consumers to use and connect with technology in every aspect of their lives. …

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Jumpstart 2019 With These Three Telematics Resolutions

  • January 07, 2019
  • Kristy Cartier
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
CalAmp 2019 Fleet Blog

A digital connection to assets and vehicles can provide fleet managers with hard data so they can make informed decisions on how to improve the utilization and health of their fleet. There are three resolutions that telematics helps operations to: Reduce manual processes Improve safety Manage expenses The first resolution, or decision to do something, …

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Post-Crash Response: Creating a Digital Siren for Emergency Responders

  • January 03, 2019
  • David Braunstein
  • Reading Time: 2 minutes
2019 Jan TSR Guest Blog

By: David Braunstein, President, Together for Safer Roads The moments following a road crash are critical for survival. And often, emergency responders are faced with the hurdle of subsequent congestion on the road due to the crash, ultimately delaying their arrival to the scene. In addition to a loss of immediate care, first responders are …

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