Energy & Industrial Management

Energy Modernization and Operational Awareness
Drive operational efficiencies and unlocking new insights for energy and utility industries with secure, scalable and reliable end-to-end connectivity to mobile and fixed assets.

The benefits of this solution:

  • Optimize distribution
  • Balance supply and demand
  • Improve demand forecasting
  • Enhance performance and response
Providing support beyond hardware and software:

Industrial Equipment Monitoring & Control

CalAmp’s communications and control solutions support grid automation,connectivity applications, energy management, and fleet and mobile asset management.


CalAmp solutions combine public and private systems with a robust cloud-computing platform for real-time data streams to help utilities ensure grid service continuity and minimize power outage times.


CalAmp’s rail solutions help improve locomotive system safety with Positive Train Control (PTC), separation and collision avoidance systems, Hot Box and other Defect Detectors, codeline replacement, highway-rail grade crossing warning system monitoring and other safety applications.


DeviceOutlook™ is a scalable, cloud-based application that provides convenient over the air (OTA) remote device administration and updates while proactively monitoring device health and utilization.

Open Developer Platform (ODP)

CalAmp Open Developer Platform™ is an application development environment, included with CalAmp's Vanguard product portfolio, that simplifies development and accelerates time-to-market of embedded M2M/IoT fixed and mobile applications.

Fleet and Asset Management

CalAmp’s fleet and asset management solutions provide secure, scalable and reliable end-to-end access to connect with mobile drivers and fixed assets.

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