Automotive Management

Lower Risk and Reduced Costs
Improve vehicle crash reporting, repair and recovery by automating functions associated with emergency response and vehicle damage assessment.

The benefits of this solution:

  • Keep drivers safe
  • Streamline repair and claims processes
  • Lower risks associate with fraud
  • Keep service vehicles productive and improve the policyholder experience
Providing support beyond hardware and software:

CrashBoxx with instant crash alerts

CrashBoxx fully automates the accident notification process by providing users with rapid and reliable notification that an accident has occurred. It can be a stand-alone service or layered on top of a comprehensive vehicle management program to provide added value to both the asset owner and the driver.

CrashBoxx with accident reconstruction

Crashboxx with accident reconstruction automates incident reports, provides comprehensive crash data, facilitates validation and investigation services and streamlines the claims process.

Crashboxx with predictive physical damage

Crashboxx with predictive physical damage offers vehicle estimates in near real-time.The analytics solution, bodily injury prediction and automated notification enable fast emergency response and help mitigate fraud associated with injury claims.

Usage Based Insurance

CalAmp’s risk management solutions enable, customers to develop better revenue-generating UBI plans with technology that captures deeper data sets than the traditional rating methods (e.g., address, age, income).

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  • Usage Based Insurance
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