Track Your Portfolio
All the Way
to the Bank

Don’t let customers drive off with your profits. CalAmp’s cost-effective GPS solutions help you securely locate, recover and communicate with your portfolio of leased and financed vehicles—in real-time.


vehicle finance overview

Missing vehicles, late or default payments, chaotic ledgers—vehicle finance lenders, buy-here-pay-here car dealers and credit unions are bound to run into these problems.

You could address them with increased capital investments and additional staff labor, but both would take even bigger chunks out of your bottom line. Or, you could apply technology solutions designed specifically to maximize your collections and minimize losses.

Vehicle Finance

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With the only ISO certification in the vehicle finance industry—and a record of 99.9% reliability—CalAmp offers consistently secure access to your portfolio of leased and financed vehicles.

As the largest GPS manufacturer in the United States and a trusted partner to the automotive industry for more than two decades, we’ve equipped millions of vehicles with the latest in location and communication technologies. We’ll protect your investments with solutions that locate vehicles in real-time, send payment reminders and automate location and recovery.


Protect Your Assets in Real-Time

Get anytime, anywhere access to dependable information on your portfolio of vehicles, including tampering alerts. In the event of loan defaults and repossessions, we simplify vehicle recovery with sensitive GPS locating and a disabling starter-interrupt feature.


Customize and Scale Operations

Whether your vehicles number in the dozens or thousands, you’ll meet your specific business needs with multiple options and configurations that integrate seamlessly with your existing loan management software.


Influence Buyer Behavior

Help consumers make more on-time payments with simple reminders.


Increase Loans, Decrease Risk

Broaden your range of applicants and offer more financing with confidence knowing CalAmp’s trusted solutions minimize both your investment risks and the hassles associated with recovering vehicles.