Empowering Utilities with Data Solutions

From ensuring grid service continuity to minimizing power outage times, the range of essential capabilities for today’s utilities depends on data. CalAmp delivers critical information across the industry’s most complete wireless communications offering, combining public and private systems with a robust cloud-computing platform.


utilities overview

The landscape for players in the utilities industry has dramatically changed due to grid modernization, recent advancements to wind solar and battery storage technologies, and the need to manage a diverse portfolio of mobile and fixed assets.

The introduction of new technologies, and innovative ways to leverage existing technologies, are creating new opportunities to optimize distribution system performance, save money and make better decisions for utilities, consumers and third-party contractors alike.


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Leveraging decades of experience serving utilities, CalAmp’s communications and control solutions are used for fleet and mobile asset management, various grid automation and connectivity applications, and energy management.

To manage utility fleets and assets, utilities rely on CalAmp for secure, scalable and reliable end-to-end access to connect with mobile drivers and fixed assets. To manage the grid and its supporting infrastructure, utilities turn to CalAmp to optimize distribution and substation automation, SCADA systems and AMI backhaul, or integrate with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as solar and wind generation. And for energy and demand management, utilities leverage CalAmp to help them balance supply and demand on the grid in real-time to bridge the divide and seamlessly integrate grid automation systems and DERs with behind the meter demand management systems.


Improve Demand Management

CalAmp’s energy management and control solution provides a single point of analysis and control for better demand forecasting and rapid event response.


Improve Grid Performance

Remote monitoring and control enables diagnostics and optimizes grid automation, allowing operators to follow and enhance performance.


Prepare for the Future

Deploy several apps on one wireless network infrastructure and build forward-looking solutions that optimize DA, SCADA, integration of distributed energy resources and AMI backhaul functionality.


Decrease Outage Times and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Get automated alerts and a comprehensive view of operations, so you’ll know when outages and other unplanned events occur and can send out the closest crews to resolve them fast – keeping the lights on for your customers.


Reduce Safety Incidents

Know which technician is working where and on which line to avoid multiple technicians crossing wires resulting in serious injury or worse.


Monitor Driver Activity and Safety

Access real-time data to track daily departure times, confirm deliveries, validate time cards and billing, and monitor fuel use and idle costs. You’ll also receive alerts about aggressive driving and speeding.

We have a rich set of off­erings we want to off­er our customers that will rely on communication over this network. We needed the backhaul and CalAmp equipment to get this done.”

Jeff­ Monder

Director of Smart Grid and Corporate Projects

Green Mountain Power