Keep Your Business Moving

From service calls to shipments, telecom to deliveries, CalAmp puts you in the driver’s seat with 100% visibility of your transportation assets and personnel—anytime, anywhere.


transportation overview

Across industries, pressures are mounting for supervisors, fleet managers and executives in charge of transportation. Mandates to cut costs and boost productivity underscore the need to diligently track vehicle and driver activity.

Competition is fierce, but the advantage goes to those who arrive as scheduled and respond when needed. And companies simply invest too much in human and mobile resources to not prioritize safe utilization and theft protection.


discover unique benefits

With a comprehensive suite of industrial-grade transportation solutions, CalAmp delivers all you need to manage jobs, drivers, vehicles, costs and high-value assets—from your desk or mobile device. And we make it easy.

CalAmp provides real-time services that enable fleet and operations personnel to otpimize the management and direction of your field service and asset units, providing the platform for more robust and cost-effective operations and the means to ensure compliance.


Monitor Driver Activity and Safety

Access real-time data to track daily departure times, confirm deliveries, validate time cards and billing, and monitor fuel use and idle costs. You’ll also receive alerts about aggressive driving and speeding.


Improve Communications and Customer Service

Increase productivity with a reliable wireless connection that lets dispatchers send work assignments, turn-by-turn directions, schedule changes and traffic updates via cellular or satellite options.


Protect High-Value Assets

Companies with expensive equipment in the field rely on CalAmp to guard against theft and unauthorized use—and to retrieve assets if theft does occur. We also track actual hours used, an essential benefit when using rental equipment.


Manage Compliance and Productivity

V-Series ELD helps your drivers comply with complex Hours of Service requirements as well as documenting important information such as vehicle maintenance, inspections, and utilization.