With evolving safety, productivity and compliance targets, keeping trains and rail businesses running smoothly is no easy task. CalAmp offers support as your go-to source for overcoming rail communication challenges.


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From freight to passenger trains, today’s railroad systems increasingly rely on extensive communication networks to manage operations, enhance performance, improve safety and extend business process to a widely dispersed mobile workforce.

New breakthroughs in wireless data communications mean new options for train control, remote equipment management, remote worker connectivity, and workforce productivity. To get the most from these technologies, you need a proven partner who understands your business.


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CalAmp’s innovative cellular and private wireless data solutions currently help manage approximately 9,000 locomotives equipped with communications systems and GPS devices.

Our last-mile data products streamline communication from field to base, locomotive to base, locomotive to office, and field to office.


Improve Safety

CalAmp offers wireless data solutions used for PTC, other train separation and collision avoidance systems, Hot Box and other Defect Detectors, codeline replacement, highway-rail grade crossing warning system monitoring, and many other safety-related applications.


Maintain Reliable Communication

Combining durability, reliability and functionality, our innovative multi-carrier broadband cellular routers and satellite communication solutions economically extend remote visibility to data intensive field assets and provide a mobile workforce with access to critical business applications. Our cellular routers can manage two cellular carriers, a primary and a backup, and when combined with our satellite communication solution for fallback, can provide for high system availability. Economically attaining near-100% coverage anywhere in North America is now feasible.


Track Assets

CalAmp’s computer-based management solutions allow railroads to monitor and coordinate the departure, movement and arrival of assets. You can also monitor highway-rail grade crossing warning system and manage trackside equipment via the public cellular network or satellite.


Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel is a railroad’s second-largest expense, behind staffing. CalAmp’s communications solutions enable railroads to measure and monitor fuel consumption instantaneously, anywhere—then take action to bring these costs down.


Metrolink is committed to an early implementation of PTC. One of the project risks was the development and creation of an industry standard interoperable radio. CalAmp was the manufacturer who stepped up and provided the quantity and quality of radios our project required and furnished them within our timeline.”

Dan Guerrero

Asst. Director PTC, C&S SCRRA