When the Stakes are High,
Every Second Counts

Every day, first responders need information and reliable communication across multiple networks and applications in order to manage incidents. CalAmp provides a complete public safety solution supporting voice, data and video applications for secure, advanced communications.


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Rapid improvements to information, device, wireless and networking technologies are being leveraged by public safety agencies to provide real-time access to next-generation technology and to quickly and securely obtain and share detailed information in the field.

These advanced capabilities include CalAmp's Smart Vehicle Technology which provides direct access to real-time vehicle data. This vehicle data can then be tightly integrated with command and control systems to provide more information than ever before to assist in mission-critical decisions in the field

CalAmp’s vehicle-grade routers provide an immediate and secure digital hub, enabling agencies access to send and receive high bandwidth applications like live video, and also providing access to local, state and public safety databases. The result is constant situational awareness between command, control and first responders for effective decision making.


Improve Response Times

Accurate GPS data and fleet visibility allow dispatchers to deploy the closest drivers and send them precisely where they’re needed, helping to keep both first responders and the community safe.


Increase Situational Awareness

Broadband connectivity combines voice, data and video to put eyes in the field, perform remote diagnostics and more. Such connectivity can easily cross over between narrowband and cellular technologies to ensure "always on" communications that are secure and leverage the fastest bandwidth available.

Share Information

Integrate multiple technologies, including Private Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks, Wi-Fi vehicle hotspot, 4G Public LTE, Public Safety FirstNet LTE, and satellite networks from multiple individuals and organizations in order to more efficiently and effectively communicate and share information.


Gain More Control

Smart Vehicle Technology provides access to engine diagnostic interface data, to track vehicle location and speed, and to monitor driver behavior metrics like hard braking, cornering and acceleration. With CalAmp’s Smart Vehicle Technology, the vehicle can be integrated to provide notifications in reaction to set parameters in real-time such as monitoring whether a vehicle is in a chase scenario, accident or simply requires maintenance.


Stay Mobile

CalAmp’s integrated solution provides an interoperable personal area network for first responders to utilize standard and commercially available hand-held devices to continue accessing voice, data and video communications outside of their vehicles, enhancing safety and enabling access to critical data and tools while on foot.


Put Data to Work, Fast

Reliable data-gathering capacities give states and municipalities the information they need for on-target public safety resource planning, real-time collaboration and decision-making.